December 22, 2010

Tinsel Vixen Wrapping Up

No, I'm not putting a bow on my head as a gift...its the final check in for the Holiday Hoedown!

Holiday Hoedown Challenge

I didn't finish the challenge on the note that I'd wished, but over all I'd say its a success.  I've kept from gaining (too much) weight and had the opportunity to hang out with some great gals via daily check in emails.

Here are my stats:

Exercise Minutes Logged: 414
I was hoping to get in 8+ hours of exercise, but it just didn't happen.  It is what it is and I'm excited to be starting my taper.  I'll only have to do 12 miles this weekend on the treadmill at Pawpaw's!

Starting weight: 135.6
Last week: 134.6
This week: 136.0

I'm happy with that.  I get that the number went up, really.  But I've gained some good healthy eating habits along the way.  I even learned what pigging out at the office potluck does for me emotionally.  Also, I'm betting that a few of those ounces up there are because Aunt Flow is beating on my uterus to let her in.  Cramping isn't fun.

Neither is water retention. 

Speaking of water that's a goal I did okay on...

64 or more ounces of water daily: 4/7
I only found this a challenge when I drank too much soda.

Abstain from soda: 1/7
The only day I managed not to drink at least a little soda was the day of my long run.  I suppose I was so thirsty I didn't want anything but water or Gatorade.

One problem I'm having is that water gets so boring.  I need to keep those water flavoring packets on hand for giving my taste buds a little change up, although I do want to get away from fake sweeteners.  Do they make them with sugar or am I just going to have to start keeping Kool-aid in the fridge? (I make it with half the sugar it calls for.)

Eat 4 fruits/veggies daily: 3/7
I did manage to get in 3 fruits/veggies those other 4 days, which is a big improvement for me.  I found myself reaching for a piece of fruit for snack  instead of crackers or a granola bar.

Avoid fast food: This is one of the more complicated ones.  I fulfilled the intent, if not the letter of this one.  I did eat out 4/7 days.  One of which was a dinner out after church with my family (I filled up mostly on salad bar).   Another evening I was headed to a friend's right after work and had to provide my own dinner.

The spirit of this part of the challenge was directed more toward my eating fast food for lunch instead of packing.  At the start of the Hoedown, I decided I was allowed to eat 2 lunches out: one with my mother on Friday, as is our weekly tradition and another with my work friends, just to catch up.

I ate Mexican out with the girls one day and Cracker Barrel with my mom on Friday.  Every other day I packed my lunch.  I didn't enter a fast food restaurant to get lunch for myself out of laziness, habit, or craving. 

Finally, the Shrinking Jeans ladies asked us to note something positive about ourselves daily  I managed to do this every day but one.  Here is a sampling of my thoughts:

I hosted a fun party!
At least I try.
I have boobs! (The one benefit of weight gain)
Nice abs/legs (a serious achievement - I saw my quad muscles!)
I can do anything!

And finally - I completed my longest pre-marathon run on Sunday.  20 miles.  All by myself.  No music, no chatting on the phone, no one running beside me.  My IMG tried to speak up a few times, but I think I managed to shut her up.

Disney here I come!!!


  1. Sounds like you've done great to me. Woot for the 20 miler!

  2. I'm really impressed with how you did this challenge, Brooke! You essentially maintained through a very tough time of year. That's not something to take lightly -- that's huge!! Also, the fact that this weekend is "only" twelve miles should tell you just how far you've come in a relatively short period of time. I'm proud of you, girl!

  3. I think it sounds like you are doing an awesome job. I'm so excited for you to run Disney. You give me inspiration to want to do my best in the next challenge. Merry Merry christmas my friend!

  4. p.s. You may want to go back and put the extra "p" in wrapping in your post title. LOL

  5. I have a hard time drinking enough water as well. I tend to drink a little more in the morning, but then I start getting busy, and don't drink it. Then with my meals I, like you, get bored with water, so I'll drink Sobe water.

  6. I think you've done great on this challenge and you are going to rock Disney next month. I'm so excited for you.

  7. You did great, girl! you are gonna rock that marathon!! Hope you have a blessed Christmas!

  8. You're going to rock that Disney. Seriously.

    As far as the water is concerned, have you tried flavoring it with cut up fruit or cucumbers? Or try freezing juice into ice cubes and throwing that in for some sweetness?

  9. You are so going to kick Disney's butt! So, so proud of you my friend! (and, for the record, you really didn't gain-you maintained-also a great accomplishment).

  10. You did great on this challenge, not just this week! I'm glad we were all able to help each other. And I'm sure your weight is actually lower...silly ToM!

    Merry Christmas!!

  11. You finished strong, Brooke! I thought the challenge was one more week, but oh well. I stayed within 2 lbs of my starting weight, so that was a good thing.

    You rocked the exercise! And so glad you finally get to taper. (Feels funny calling 12 miles a taper!) Way to go for getting those fruits & veggie in there, as well as curbing the impulse lunching out!

  12. You did great during the challenge and you are totally going to ROCK Disney in a few weeks!!


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