December 28, 2010

Post Christmas Confessions

Its confession time at the Sisterhood.  I'll try to keep this brief.

True Confessions

Jay and I left for West Virgina Friday morning and have hardly been home since.  I'd packed sandwiches in the cooler, but since I don't keep snack food in the house I didn't have anything to accompany it. Wednesday and Thursday had been soda free days and I was proud.  I put several waters and a powerade to make sure that stayed the case.

We got on the road at 7:15 in the morning and I drove the whole way.  About 4 hours in, we stopped for gas and the series of unfortunate events began.  I opened the back door to get my purse out in order to pay for gas, and due to shifting it fell out onto the ground before I was able to catch it.

The Bad: my coach purse was covered in icky snow slush.
The Good: I own a real coach purse which must have been scotch guarded at the factory, because one of those gas station blue towels cleaned it right up.

The Bad: A family of 50 8 beat me into the gas station and got in the restroom line before me.
The Good: I new we were stopping for food just up the street so I decided to hold it.  I suppose "good bladder control" also falls into the good news category.

The Bad: Although the sign on the Tamarack door said "service animals only" someone brought their toy poodle into the ladies room.
The Good: The poodle didn't real affect me, it was just annoying.  So I suppose the good is that it didn't bark, bite, or pee on me.

The Bad: Food court prices at a the Tamarack
The Good: Being able to afford a $2.50 double cheeseburger.
This really shook me up and I'm not sure why.  When I noticed the dollar items weren't on the menu, I decided to head to one o the other food options.  Only they were expensive too  $4 for one slice of pizza or $8 for a hot sub.  I wavered back and forth.  I was really hungry, so going cheap wouldn't do anything to help that.  But I didn't want to spend $10 filling up on nutritionally void foods either.

My solution?  Stand in the middle of the walk way crying. 

Not a trickle of tears but real sobs.  Jay's never encouraged me to spend money before in my life.  Anything to get me to shut up I'm sure was his logic.  Turns out, my mom said we'd stopped there as a family.  Only they hadn't been able to afford the prices and we'd left without eating. 

A part of me will always be that poor girl who doesn't have enough money to cover the items she wants off the menu. 

The Bad: I suffered major foot-in-mouth disease over Christmas dinner
The Good: My cousin's wife is pregnant.
Because we're not close with Jay's cousins I forget things about them.  Like how a cousin and his wife have had 2 miscarriages this year.  So I wasn't thinking when I opened my big fat mouth and told Jay that my cousin announced over Christmas lunch that he and his wife were expecting.

More tears (from me) followed as the poor girl who'd had the miscarriages left the dinner table and went home due to my insensitive comments.  I'm getting teary again thinking of the hurt I unintentionally cause her.

The Bad: Only 1200 calories burned
The Good: I'm in the middle of my Disney Marathon taper and completed a 12 miler on the treadmill Saturday (while watching The Princess Bride on Jay's laptop).

The Bad: The scale is probably not going to be nice to me after the feeding frenzy I had this past weekend.
The Good: A new challenge (The Power of One) starts tomorrow!

How about you?  Were you able to take the good with the bad this Christmas?  Hope you had a great one!


  1. bad news--family drama. boo.
    good news-- it got resovlved and we had plenty of food
    bad news- i ate all of it. i was a human vacume.

    way to go--12 on a tm, that is rough.

  2. I love you and your confessions. It's amazing how some things make us react and we aren't sure why.

    ps-you are going to rock Disney! I so wish I were going to be there to cheer you on.

  3. yeah seriously 12 miles on a treadmill! crazy! but awesome job!

    oh boy, i'm sorry about your foot in mouth disease! (i've done that before.) i wish you wouldn't beat yourself up over it though, she's in a very sensitive place and I know (and I am sure she knows too) that the things you said came from a good place, not a hateful one. *hugs*
    love you girlie.

  4. Arrrrggg. I, too, suffer from foot-in-mouth ailments!

    Hope the rest of your Christmas was wonderful.

  5. I am the QUEEN of foot-in-mouth! If there is a faux pas to make, you can count on me to make it.

    Can't wait to follow you all virtually at Disney. One of these years I PROMISE I'll actually make it to the finish line with you! Errr, way, way behind you, but same finish line, same day :( Love you, girl!

  6. Aww, that is sad about the girl leaving lunch. Especially when I'm sure you wouldn't deliberately hurt someone's feelings for anything. But, you know, life stubbornly goes on despite what's going on in our circle, so if mentioning a pregnancy or a new baby is going to upset her she's going to spend a lot of time upset, isn't she? Which is sad. Hopefully she'll be in a stronger place soon.


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