December 07, 2010

A few things...

I've got some Shrinking Jeans housekeeping to do.

First off its True Confessions Tuesday:

My confession:
I'm totally off the weight loss wagon and don't see any sign of getting back up on.  I'm not all that motivated.  I eat like crap then run my butt off.  Its amazing I haven't gained even more weight.

Vote, Vote, Vote

I'm one of 5 holiday vloggers up for an awesome prize pack.  Check it out and be sure to vote.  Its even okay if you don't vote for me.  I'm in good company - I love those ladies!

Holiday Hoedown

The Shrinking Jeans Ladies have asked us to talk about 3 ways I'm going to do to stay on track this month. This is a little hard because eating poorly wouldn't exactly be "getting off track" for me.

  1. Keep up with marathon training

    This is my only salvation right now. 
  2. Focus on others.
    I hope to outline it in another blog, but fast food has been a major weakness of mine lately.  I'm going out practically every day for lunch.  As a result, I'm literally eating up all of my personal spending money.  I have $125 budgeted every month to spend on whatever I want.  And apparently what I want are bigger thighs.

    I want to start picking a charity of the month to donate part of that spending money to.  Maybe with this face starring at me, I can keep myself under control.

    BB's clean water project
  3. Really look within myself.
    Superficial BS isn't going to cut it any more.  Why is it that I want to be smaller?  What am I hoping to accomplish?  Until I figure those things out, I can't get jump started again.  I've shared the quote before that discipline is remembering what you want and right now I haven't the foggiest.

That's a pretty simple look at things, but its where I am.  Next up - finding my motivation to decorate for Christmas whilst workmen make my house filthy.


  1. you have a team.. what can we do to help you?!

  2. I agree with Kim. And I have to say that if you can break yourself of processed garbage for just two weeks, you won't find that you crave it nearly as much. Of course, during the holidays that is a tall order. Do cheat days work for you? If you had one or two cheat days during the week, that's still better than eating garbage all week, you know? Just a thought.

    Try to remember, too, that marathon training is an athletic endeavor and that your body needs real food as fuel - maybe you aren't getting enough of what you need and that's fueling your appetite. Sometimes I make myself eat a piece of fruit with a big, no-calorie drink before I have whatver snack I think I want - often that satisfies me and then I don't need anything else.

    Whatever happens this month, you are still doing a great job with your training and you are still an awesome individual! Hang in there!

  3. I love you, girl! You will get things figured out with the eating, but you also need to make sure you are eating enough to fuel your marathon training. Packing a healthy lunch rather than hitting up the golden arches would probably be a good start.

  4. I voted! :) What a great idea to donate part of your spending money to charity. That may help you, too, by packing a healthier lunch or something! ;)

  5. What a great post! Apparently what you want is bigger thighs made me laugh. I know just how you feel. I suddenly and unexpectedly reached that point too where I was just unmotivated. One thing that has helped me is the new Weight Watchers PointsPlus program. Check it out. It really emphasizes a healthier you which will help in your training and your weight loss. You'll love it!!

  6. I have a similar confession, b/c I've been eating more, and then having to exercise more as well. It's been a struggle, but one that I'm trying to come out on top.

  7. I FEEL YOUR PAIN. I currently have Little Debbie Christmas Trees in my office that I brought my's all I can do to keep from downing one right now. =( I don't even NOTICE when I eat sweets. Like today, I ordered a creme brulee latte from necessarily healthy -- but it didn't even faze my mind that, "Oh, that's probably not really good for me..."

  8. Yep, what Kim and Terri said! How can we help?

    Maybe take it in small steps? Perhaps "just for 1 day," decide to bring your lunch + snacks and eat those instead of going out. Bring extra fruit or veggies if you think you might want more than what you've planned. See how you feel, then tweak it for the next day.

    I don't call them "cheat days," but scheduling times for the "sometimes" foods on my menu (vs. having them there every day) can make sticking with the day-to-day foods only more tolerable.

    Another possible strategy: plan in a small amount of the thing you really want, or a pretty good substitute. I made sure to eat my veggies on Friday, but I also planned in a no-sugar-added caramel latte.

    And now that I know first-hand what 13.1 miles on foot feels like, I am in AWE of you & your marathon training. I think 17 miles on a treadmill would have made me barf.

  9. its crazy because i gained weight while training as well. you can't diet, because you need the energy to run. i gained lbs for both marathons.

  10. I'm here for you! Remember that conversation we had the other day? You said (and I guote) "seriously i'm not letting you stay in this boat much longer. Shape up and hop off yourself or I will kick your booty over board!!" Don't make me kick your booty overboard, k? ;)

    PS: Congrats on 2nd place!



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