April 05, 2011

Barefoot Blogging

Blogging Barefoot1

I love shoes.

I have so many shoes I should be too embarrassed to ever buy another pair, but truth be told I found a pair of black boots on sale for $14.99 yesterday and just couldn't resist.  After all with my chub + runners calves knee boots that fit are hard to come by.  Cute size 9 shoes are hard to come by. 

It was as if God dropped them into my lap.

Or something like that.  (Or nothing at all like that.)

A glimpse into my closet shoes you that I have far more shoes than any one person needs.  No, the camera couldn't pan all the way to the top.  There are a couple more rows of fancy dress shoes up top.  No, those aren't the only shoe racks in my closet.

Almost sinful isn't it?

Especially considering there are people who'd love one pair of shoes. 

Today is the One Day Without Shoes day.  Unfortunately OSHA and my employer wouldn't allow me to go barefoot today.  Enter Hannah at Peggy Ann Design - today I am blogging barefoot.

Okay I have another confession - my hubby took my camera so I wasn't able to snap a picture of my tootsies this morning.   As a good Appalachian girl, I can tell you that I have plenty of barefoot moments in my life.  I'm sure the "hick" stereotype of being barefoot came because people like my ancestors couldn't afford several pair of shoes.

My mom even tells a story about how she took her Sunday shoes off one afternoon at the dam and forgot them.  She got in a lot of trouble because her family could barely afford the one pair of church shoes and one pair of school shoes they had already bought for her.  In the spring/summer she only got one pair of church shoes.  "Daily" shoes were a luxury they couldn't afford.

Heartbreaking isn't? 

Even more so considering there are millions of people living today without even one pair of shoes.

Please do what you can.  Maybe there is a Soles4Souls box near you.  I'm planning on going through my closet tonight and bringing in a few for the box at work.  Maybe there is a poor section of your county and you want to talk to the principal about buying school shoes/clothes for a child who needs it.  Even if its just posting a picture of you barefootin it - please do something!

So tonight, when I sit down on the couch and put my feet in Jay's lap I will be thankful. 

Thankful for too many shoes to count.
Thankful for plenty of money in the bank to add to my collection on a random whim.
Thankful for healthy feet that have carried me many miles and hopefully many more to come.
Thankful for a God who has grace me with His love and with a heart to help those in need.
Thankful for a husband who love me so much he built shelves to support my "habit."
Thankful for that same husband who rubs my feet mindlessly while watching TV.

We are so blessed.  Please today, if you do nothing else, take a moment to count your blessings.  You might be having a difficult day, or even in a difficult season in life, but blessings are there.  It might just take a little bit of effort pulling back the weeds to find them.


  1. I love this! Thanks for linking up with me! It all starts with spreading the word!

  2. thanks for sharing! i'm such a shoe addict and it's so eye opening to think about people who really need shoes.

  3. nicely done.

    i'm planning on buying some toms (the shoes where you buy a pair and they donate a pair). but there's so.much.more i could do.

  4. I have a bit of a shoe addiction, too. I also wear size 9. {Aren't you short like me? How did we get size 9 feet with little bodies?} Anyways, I didn't realize that today was One Day Without Shoes. I remember it last year. We did a shoe drive at our church for a couple of years. It's hard to imagine not having a pair.

  5. Being a nurse, i coudldn't go barefoot today either! But i'm barefoot in my heart :)

  6. Thanks for sharing Soles4souls. I had never heard of it before.

  7. I was also going to mention Toms! I like their mission statement. I too have way too many shoes!


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