April 25, 2011

Mantra Monday - Accept Nothing Less Than The Best

Okay before you think I've died and gone to perfectionist hell, let me clarify my mantra this week.

Mantra Monday

I will accept nothing less than my best effort for house work.

Right or wrong, a dirty house stresses me out.  However when I get in that cleaning superstar mood?  I'm able to clean the house thoroughly in almost no time.  10 minutes spent properly sorting the mail is well worth it in the long run.  Also?  Clean sheets are their own reward.

I will accept nothing less than my best in workouts.

I took last week off.  Well unless you count walking, which I don't.  If I can do it and not workup a sweat it hardly seems like exercise.  I needed a few days to let my blisters heal, but then I took a few extra because my pride was hurt. 

As a result I carried around extra stress and sadness that I didn't deserve.  A quick run or a good weights class would have fixed that quickly, yet I chose to wallow.  Nothing good ever comes from wallowing.

This morning I got up early and got my first run in over a week marked in the books.  It felt great.  I may crash come 8:30 tonight but emotionally I feel great.  Also?  My pace wasn't too far off my 5K PR.  I think I've finally taken the "I'm just slow" stamp off my forehead.

I hope that means great things for the upcoming 5K I'm registered for, but since my training hasn't been what I would have liked I'm fairly certain I won't be getting the sub 30 min time I wanted.  I'm okay with that because quite frankly I haven't earned it.

I will feed my body nothing but the best.

This is not a call for strict calorie counting.  I'm not in a place to deal with that right now, and I'm honestly glad that's the case.  This weekend was a hard one, busy every moment practically with very little time to consider good food options.  My energy has suffered as a result, as well as just overall giving me a blah feeling.

Does that mean I won't enjoy the bag of twizzlers I bought this weekend that my sister promised me she'd help me eat then left w/o her fair share?  Of course I'm going to partake and enjoy, but I'm not downing the whole bag.  In one day at least.  :P

I will give my family nothing but the best of time I can spend with them.

The people I love most in this world deserve to get more than my crankiness and hatefulness.  Although I maintain I was right when I told Mother she needed Jesus.  She'd obviously left Him at home the day we met for lunch.

God gave up The Best (Jesus) for sad little sinful people like me - He deserves my best daily.

Despite my rotten mood last week, I was able to read and glean knowledge from a book I was reading.  While my best is like filthy rags compared to the righteousness of the Lord, Easter proves that He can take the worst scenario possible and turn it into something beautiful.


  1. Honestly it sounds like you had a really cleansing week last week. Good for you!!!!! I'm glad you're back! Sometimes you need to wallow, no biggie! And look at you now, all better!!! xoxoxox

  2. Sounds like a great plan, Brooke! I'm so glad you had a great run this morning. Mind if I channel some of that energy when I attempt to run tomorrow?

  3. I love your mantra! Nothing but the best for you because YOU DESERVE IT!!

  4. these are wonderful words to live by! thank you for the inspiration.

  5. You seem like you're in a good place! Great mantra & great things to strive for!

  6. sounds great. and L.O.L at the last bit with your mother leaving Jesus at home. haven't we all had those moments? :)

  7. What a great plan! I know you can accomplish all of it. And did you say Twizzlers??

  8. As always, it sounds like you know exactly what you're doing! Might as well do it well if we're going to do it.

  9. I feel you on the sub-30 time. My 5k is this weekend, and I'm stressed about it. ABOUT A 5K??!! Because I want that time...but I talked to a friend this morning who said, "Um...why don't you just enjoy the run?" Great advice...just got to get in that mindset.

  10. LOL about you mom leaving Jesus at home! :-D

    I need to work on the family one, too. Theyve been getting meager scraps lately. Although I did right by my son and coached him through getting his homework done over the weekend, when there was a lot of other stuff I would rather have been doing with that time...but maybe it was just as well, eating more ham would have been pretty high on that list...


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