April 11, 2011

Service - Part 2; AKA Conversations with God


No, not that clear piece of paper that the teacher put on the over head projector as she taught your geometry class.

(Did I just date myself?)

Truth in blogging.

How open are you?  Is that even part of your bloggy business model (or purpose statement - whatever you want to call it)?

I try to be honest with yall.  Probably sometimes too much so.  I want to put it all out there and maybe sometimes "it all" doesn't belong any where but the depths of my heart.

Honestly?  I appreciate all your comments on my blog on Friday.  This is something I've struggled with a lot.  I'll admit to getting excited about web stuff when talking to it about Jay.  Then when I emailed the pastor and he sort of brushed it off I was hurt. 

I'm not the boldest person.

I'll wait for you to work through your shock.

Still waiting.

Okay let's resume.  I don't have the confidence to push any harder than a casual mention.  And that casual mention was casually put to the side.  So its a no-go on the web stuff.

Here's where the brutal honesty comes in.  Praying about it?  Not high on my list.  I mean I did once, and then the Financial Peace University thing came up and I spoke to the church as a mini-commercial.  I haven't really been asked to help beyond that though.

Yesterday driving home from my parents I turn off the radio and had a chat with God.  I won't bore you of the details (basically Him just reminding me I chose my main ministry when I chose my husband), but I did open up a dialogue that I hope continues. 

I won't say that I think the only place a woman should serve is in her home, but it is an important place to minister.  Whether its to our husbands or children, we serve God when we cook dinner for our families.  We are serving Him when we take them a cold beverage as they are working hard outside in the heat.  (This one is for hubbies only - I think its a violation of child labor laws to make kids do that while you stay inside.)

Am I still looking looking for an outside place to minister?  Sure. 

In the process I hope to learn more about praying and then being silent, waiting for an answer.  That's the tricky part of prayer isn't it? 

“Be still, and know that I am God"

I'm not so good at that, but maybe through my seeking, its something He'll help me get better at.


  1. Be still and know - I love that verse, but it sure can be hard! You are right - Jay is your main ministry!

  2. AMEN, sista!! Sometimes sitting back and just waiting for the answer is the hardest part of the whole process...

  3. Girl, I'm not so good at that either! And home is definitely a BIG part of a woman's ministry! God will open the doors for something else in His timing.

  4. ahhh, that pesky "be still" stuff. trust me, that's hard! but completely 100% totally worth it.


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