April 06, 2011

Workin it Wednesday

 As always, its check in day over at the Sisterhood and I'm confused. 

No, this isn't an old post I'm just recycling.  I'm just confused a lot  here lately.  I vow to stop weighing then I weigh myself.  I vow to stop calorie counting then I go back to it.  I vow to honor Jesus's Easter sacrifice by making a sacrifice of my own and I drop the ball.

Sounds like a whole lotta failure doesn't it? 

I heard this quote last week and instantly fell in love:

Try again. Fail again. Fail better. ~Samuel Beckett

Unfortunately I've done a lot of failing poorly here lately.  Well I had a soda yesterday, so I might as well do it again today.  That kind of reasoning gets me no where.  No where good any way.

So here we are to look at my past week's failures.  Gonna shoot for a better failure next week.  The hard part?  I'm girls lunching it today and then date night tonight.  Of course that leaves zero time for a workout.  Well I could have workout this morning but I didn't and I've misplaced my time machine.

8 (or more) glasses of water daily:
3/7 - yikes! guess I bragged too quickly last week.  Also?  The day I have a heavy workout I want to add at least 2 extra glasses of water to my total.  I've found that drinking 16oz on the way to work in the morning helps out a lot.  Gets me off on the right foot and of course adds to my total.  I will say that I never got under 5 glasses, so that's not a miserable failure.

Read Bible daily:
6/7 - This is embarrassing, but Sunday is the day I missed.  Did the race thing and missed church, then did the parent thing in the afternoon.  No more Sunday races for me, until next year.  I really wanna do either the half or full marathon options that the race offers.  Its hilly, so the full scares me.  I should start with the half to get a feel for the hills right?  Then again I never do anything in its proper order.  Like now, I'm supposed to be talking about Bible reading not future marathon plans.

Jeremiah is getting easier to read, and I'm getting closer to the end.  Hurrah!  All that smiting is depressing.  Especially given the people keep going away from God - sounds suspiciously like me.  Only on paper is seems far more stupid.

3 Fruits & Veggies:
4/7 - It shouldn't be this difficult. I need to eat more veggies.  Period.  Hopefully gardening season will help with this.
Read 1 chapter a day (for fun):
7/7 on this one - woot! 

Exercise daily:
7/7 - only if shop-walking counts.  Hit 5 real exercise days then went shopping for hours on 2 other days.  Surely that counts.  Right???

Still an epic fail on the Lent thing - I forget to pray before most every meal and I've already had soda twice this week.  I'm so thankful for the grace of God!! 

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  1. You sound so much like me! However, I'm determined to get rid of my stinkin' thinkin'!!

  2. Ok, how about we focus on the positives? You are reading the Bible (most people don't), you are exercising most days of the week (something the vast majority of the population doesn't do) and you are making healthier food and water choices. Sounds like the week was more success than fail.

  3. i'm with Bari up there...and i have the exact opposite problem. veggies are so.not a problem for me, but you have to twist my arm to get fruit in me. ah well.

  4. I needed to read that quote today. I needed to read that quote today. I needed to read that quote today.

    Thank you.

  5. definitely more success than failure. Yay for garden season!

  6. Shop walking DEFINITELY counts! And what is negative, other than the water? Everything else was over half completed or fully completed! You're awesome!!!

  7. Girl, if you didn't have the goals, then you wouldn't even partially succeed! How's that for a positive outlook?! :) You're doing great!!

  8. nice work chick!!
    gardens will help---there is so much food--its awesome!!!
    try roasting some veggies. soooo easy and soooo yumy!

  9. That is the best quote ever! I absolutely, positively LOVE it. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I have to say I have been really good at drinking my 8 8oz glasses of water every stinkin' day!

  11. Thank you a million times over for your comment on my blog! I appreciate your kind words. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself ;) You are doing an awesome job with the things you HAVE DONE, and should be proud of those things! Thanks for sharing the quote too ;) Have a blessed weekend!


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