April 01, 2011

Flashback Friday - the 2010 5K Edition

This weekend I have my first 5K of the year.  I'm hoping for a new PR...but I know after the disappointment I felt at this same race last year to not get my hopes up.  I've been through a lot this past year or so, so I'm interested to see how this year's time compares with last year's.

I started the year with the Race Against Racism 5K on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  After a bit of prerace drama, I set a new (and my current) PR of 33:08.

For those non-runner types out there PR = personal record. 

Was I anemic then?  Its possible, but if so it was definitely mild and in the early stages. 

My next 5K was the doosy for the year - the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon.  I chose the 5K option.  All Knoxville races are hilly.  This one was a monster.  Right down to the last uphill heading into Neyland Stadium.

Despite my speed work, training, and prediction on my motivational board, I didn't PR on this race.  I was pretty disgusted with my time until I sat down to write out my race report.  It was super cool to have my husband and my parents join me for the race.

That's an honor I don't have this year - my mom still isn't back to 100% on her walking game since her thyroid surgery and my dad just had shoulder surgery this week.  (He's doing pretty good.  Thanks for all the prayers.)

Was I anemic then?  Most likely.  Although once again it wasn't as bad as it would eventually get.

Next up on my training schedule was the SMARM 5K.  I was still bummed about my Covenant short fall and determined to PR in this race.  The previous year was the inaugural race as well as my first race ever.  Surely a new personal best would be fitting for the race. 

Only I struggled more than I ever had.  Even more so than fresh off the Couch to 5K program.  There were times I had to stop and walk - unheard of for me at the 5K distance.  I thought it was allergies, because I kept having trouble catching my breath.  It was scary, although I had no clue how scared I should have been.

Was I anemic then?  Most definitely.  I'm luck that I didn't do serious damage to my body pushing through the lack of oxygen getting to my brain.  Yes, at points in the race I was light headed.

The following week I did my worst 5K ever.  Thankfully it wasn't a timed race and as soon as I crossed the finish line I erased that awful time off my watch.

I don't remember the timing on it, but I do know that shortly there after I got my blood work done for the wellness program at work and found out my hemoglobin was dangerously low.  I was promptly told to stop training (two weeks shy of my first triathlon).

It took a couple months of test and a few rounds of B12 shots and iron infusions to get me filled back up to normal levels.

My first race back was the Marine Corp Mud Run.  It was a 5K, but with a few challenges along the way.  Definitely not a PR course, but probably the most fun race I've ever done.

Last fall I finally tackled my first triathlon, set a new half marathon PR, and trained for the Disney marathon.  Through all of that I didn't run a single 5K. 

I did run the On Cosby Moonshine Run - a 3.2 mile race.  Why in the world they added that 0.1 I have no clue.  It was an insanely flat course.  I placed 2nd in my age group and my 3.2 mile time (30:23) would have been sub 30 at the 5K distance.

That leads us to this weekend. Once again I'll be running the Covenant 5K.  Once again there will be killer hills.  My goal is to beat last years chip time 33:37.  I would be thrilled with a PR.  I'll be highly disappointed with a slower time.

I'll certainly let you know!


  1. I think you are going to do great this weekend. Just go out there and have fun.

  2. You're going to be amazing -- PR or not! You're healthy, you finished a MARATHON, and you're awesome! You've got this!!!

  3. I think you're going to be great, with or without a PR! Good luck!!

  4. Good luck!! You will be awesome!

    I will be there running the half...my first!

  5. I think you'll do great! I'll be waiting to hear. :)

  6. You will do great!!! Can't wait to hear how you did. Don't forget to take pictures too!

  7. Good luck!! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

  8. You are gonna do great on this race!! Remember that you are "SuperBoo" so you can't NOT do great! Can't wait to hear the results...

  9. good luck!! You will do it, i know it! you have come so far!!!

  10. Good luck tomorrow! If you see a really short woman, stop me and say hi!

  11. can't wait to hear how it went! i have my first next saturday, but since i'll be pushing a jogging stoller through it i'm not concerned at ALL about the time i get :)

  12. Can't wait to hear about the race - I'm sure you rocked it!

  13. I know several folks who were running it. I hope you enjoyed it!


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