April 29, 2011

Financial Friday - Epic Fail

I anticipated it last week, and as suspected we've gone over budget in all the categories I'm posting here.  Apparently I really need the accountability!

Let's just skip right to it shall we?

Brooke Personal Spending: $125 budgeted - $144 actuals

I have plenty of excuses for this.  I purchased an audio book for the Mountain Man Memorial March.  I found the perfect Halloween costume on eBay.  I had to eat breakfast out on the way to my volunteer gig Friday/Saturday morning because I had to get up too early as it was.

The bottom line is that $125 is plenty of money, and had I used it wisely earlier in the month I could have done all of those things and stayed in budget.  As usual, it all comes back to my fast food habit.  One of these days I'll break it, or just throw my hands up and give up.

I'm helping a friend move tomorrow, so I'm not sure if they'll be anything added to this one or not.  Whatever I go over this month, will be deducted from my starting total next month.  Although I was under last month, and that extra money didn't get credited to this month.  Hmmm.

Jay Personal spending: $100 budgeted - $124.65 actuals

He typically spends about $80 a month on dip, so I'm guessing the rest of this is beer.  Looks like we definitely need to discuss repercussions of going over.  We're both spending willy-nilly and obviously not caring that we're going over.  This must change.

Groceries: $150 budgeted - $154.04 actuals

I did pretty good on this one if I do say so myself!  This will be the monthly total so we're good on it.  I went on one big shopping trip at the first of the month, then did weekly fruit/veggie/can't pass up sale runs the rest of the month.  That also takes a load off of me time wise, because it means I'm only doing the "my night is screwed" trip once monthly.

Eating out: $75 budget - $81.86 actuals

The volunteer event put this one over too.  Friday and Saturday I woke up at 5, drove for an hour each way to volunteer 12 hours daily of my time for a benefit sporting clays tournament put on by my boss's charity. 

Since my husband is unwilling to prepare dinner for us, that meant either I had to get home at 8 in the evening and start dinner or else snag fast food on the way home.  My choice is obvious, although the situation frustrates me.

I suppose I should plan better and have frozen meals on standby, but if I can be honest it just irritates me that I'm the sole provider of meals for us.  Sure he'll fix himself a frozen pizza or pizza rolls if I'm having dinner elsewhere, but beyond that its all on my shoulders.  I know this has nothing to do with money but I'm putting it out there any way. 

So there.

Moving right along...I'm looking forward to the fresh start of May.  I really think that knowing that I'm reporting in to yall is going to help me stay on track. 

How are you doing moving toward your financial goals?  If you want post then I'd love for you to leave your link in the comments! 


  1. You didn't do to bad really in any of the areas. You could have really blown your personal bugets, I know I would have. Over all I think you did great!

  2. I agree that you haven't totally failed on your budget. I keep my budget in a spreadsheet and I've done better this month, but it hasn't been perfect. I may have to start posting about it soon!

  3. I think you did well! We have had a lot of unexpected expenses pop up the last two pay cycles, which always throws new off. But at last we have goals to fail at, eh?

  4. i constantly overspend on groceries...so i'm impressed you didn't do so bad there. i'm sure may will go better :)

  5. For motivation, I probably do need to do another race. I know that really kept me in line with running, b/c I was so worried about being able to run decent on race day! Thanks for the suggestion! :-)

  6. I wouldn't call it an epic fail! You didn't do too bad, especially considering that you weren't asking to be held accountable until the last week or so of the month! I think you'll do better in May, knowing that you have to report back to us!

  7. for me, at least, i think it all averages out. you were under last month, you were over this month. but not huge amounts either way, right? that means your goals are reasonable and you should start hitting the mid-point soon :)

  8. I think you did great for these totals. Eating out always kills the budget - no matter how big or how small it is! $150 for grocery budget is really LOW for a month! I spend that for a week, so that's amazing!

  9. I need to sit down and actually figure out where I stand. Having no income from June - August is going to be brutal and make me a budgeting queen! :) {see how I'm trying to find the silver lining?} I don't blame you for being frustrated about the cooking thing, I would be less tolerant than you appear to be, ha!


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