April 20, 2011

Checking (and Savings) Wednesday

Since I've decide to give the scale a break for a bit, I've decide to shift gears a bit.  I don't plan on complete abandoning the healthy life.  Yall know I wouldn't be happy without my training schedule and races.  I have grown a bit bored with it though.  I mean does me eating a snack sized piece of chocolate really worth a blog devoted to beating myself up?

I promise to continue with race reports, training updates,  and "on the horizon" race information.  For now though, the best way I can live healthy is to do it more and think about it less.

In that gear shifting, another aspect of my life gets my OCD attention.  I've let my financial life sorta cruise by this last little bit.  Jay and I built up a decent sized cushion and were enjoying living a little more relaxed than normal.

Then our tax bill came.  Followed by a cabin (to be put on a nightly rental program) that was too good of a deal to pass up.

Our savings has taken a major hit these past couple of weeks.  Goals that seemed to be in sight feel like they are slipping away.  Its time to buckle down and I'd like for you to help keep me accountable.  Hopefully we can trade ideas for smart financial living - something I'm sure most of us need as we watch the prices of gas and groceries rise before our eyes.

The first Friday of each month I'm going to share our budget with you.  Not our entire budget.  I'm not as open as a lot of personal finance bloggers who don't care to put all of the income/out go out there for the world to see.  But I do think it would be helpful for certain categories to be out there like personal spending, eating out, and groceries.  Then I can weekly post a recap of our spending in those areas for the week and really take a moment to review them.

What do ya think?  Is this something that you'd like to read about?  Be a part of?  Or would you rather me lament having to pass up that chocolate?  (If "no thanks" is your answer to both - I'm open to other ideas too.  Just share them with me!)

I want to end each post with a review of my goals.  As Dave Ramsey often says the "how" isn't anywhere near as important as the "why" - the why is the driver behind all hows.

  • Fully fund Roth IRA for 2011
  • Pay off the house
  • Start college savings for Princess (niece) & Little Man (nephew)
  • Give to those in need
Talk to me!  What are you financial goals?  How do you plan on reaching them?


  1. sounds great!! count me in! maybe we can do a 'link party' & have several of us doing the same thing & linking together to share & help each other?

  2. I have nearly ZERO to add in, but I would love to see what you are doing as far as a budget and goals. *sigh* one day (soon maybe?) I'll be done with school and can start making my own plans! :)

  3. Fun!! We're really starting to debate on what we want to do with extra money after savings.

  4. "Savings"? What is this thing of which you speak?? Ha! :) I would never tell you what to blog about because, well, it's YOUR blog! But I don't want you to be hard on yourself for eating chocolate, so if not blogging about that will help you DO instead of THINK, go for it :)

  5. i always love to hear budget tips and inspiration!

  6. I'm all about budgeting & Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps! My goals are similar to yours, and I'm attempting to reach them one baby step at a time! :) We hope to be on Step #3 soon!

  7. I love to read your financial posts - they are inspiring!

  8. finanacial goals?? Right now our biggest financial goal is to collect on the invoices that are owed to us so we can keep our utilities from being shut off! How's that for a goal?? Pretty sucky for a couple in their mid-40's, huh?? Sadly, that is where we are though with the architectural business being so sucky for the past 3 years that's the best I can hope for, right now unless I go back to work!


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