April 26, 2011

Meal Plan Mon...Tuesday

So I'm a little late to the game.  Typically I like to plan out my meals for the coming week on Saturday, but this was a crazy busy weekend.  When I finally got home on Friday and Saturday nights I just wanted to fall into bed.  Sunday wasn't much better.

Yesterday I sorta winged it, which resulted in waffles with peanut butter and honey for breakfast, Pizza Hut buffet with the girls for lunch, and spaghetti for dinner.  (I had defrosted the sauce some time last week.  I couldn't remember when so the fact that it didn't smell/taste bad went it was good enough for me.  Jay thought it was heavenly.)

Here is my plan for the coming week.  In posting it, I hope that you keep me accountable.  My temptation to run out and grab a burger wins too often.

Breakfast: Waffles with peanut butter & honey
Lunch: shells & cheese, rotel, and black beans
Dinner: ??? 
I don't have any meat thawed, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do.  I'd love to borrow a meatless recipe from you!

Sketti leftovers
Chicken Fajitas

Waffles, PB & honey
shells & cheese, Rotel, and black beans

Ham & cheese sandwiches

Lunch out w/mom

What other suggestions do you have for using up white bread?  I purchased it for the race a couple weeks ago and we're not big bread eaters.  I still have half a loaf left.


  1. Bread frequently goes bad in my house too. You can always find some local geese or ducks who would love it.

  2. French toast with strawberries...grilled turkey and swiss sandwiches, BLTs with turkey bacon, breakfast for dinner (scrambled eggs and toast)... Apparently we ARE big bread eaters, LOL

  3. We freeze bread. Sometimes I make the dried breadcrumbs (which I need for various recipes) and store those and save some money in the long-run. And I could always go for a BLT. I'm a huge fan. :)

  4. Meatless idea - we always like pasta and sauce or pasta w/ pesto thrown in some grape tomatoes, spinach, feta cheese. Yum!

  5. i say make breadcrumbs or freeze for later! or throw it in a breakfast casserole?

  6. We haven't had fajitas in sooo long...that sounds delicious.

    Grilled cheese sandwiches. Staple in my house.

  7. I'll do real good at meal planning for awhile, then I fail for awhile. It's so much easier when I plan ahead, though! Mushroom burgers are a good meatless meal, but you may not have portobello mushrooms on hand! I wish I had another idea, but my mister always has to have meat. :P I freeze bread for casseroles or breadcrumbs later, too!

  8. Yum, shells and cheese!!!!!!!

    You can make bread crumbs with the unused bread!! Or make a batch of french toast, which can be frozen and then microwaved at random.

    Another blogger led me to Jessica Seinfeld's crockpot lasagna recipe, which is heavenly!!!! I put ground turkey in it but you could easily make it a veggie lasagna. Just google Jessica Seinfeld crockpot lasagna and you'll find it. It's SO good!

  9. I'd probably freeze it. You could use it for stuffing, in meat loaf, or make one of those egg & bread & cheese casseroles where you soak the bread and egg mix overnight. (I have a really good recipe, email if you'd like it.)

    That's grreat that you're so organized wi your meal planning! :-)

  10. i need to make meal plans more often. correction: i make a meal plan each week. except my week always changes so drastically after i've planned it all out! it's awesome because 90% of the time it's because i have a job i hadn't counted on 24 hours prior but it DOES make planning meals out a bit more difficult!

    i always freeze bread...and i have tons of meatless favorites, but it's way past your dinnertime by now :)

  11. bread: freeze it to have on hand for brad crumb recipes, overnight breakfast casserole you can eat for supper, pb sandwiches to take to work for snacks

    I have found it only takes about 10 minutes to thaw a pound of frozen hamburger in the microwave.


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