August 04, 2009

5K - round 2

This weekend I ran in my 2nd 5K. I was a little nervous about how well I would do, since my speed doesn't seem to be progressing that much. What if I ran the race and my time was worse?

When I ran my first 5K, I had just completed the Couch to 5K program. I had only ran 3 miles 3 times in my life!

Now that it is a weekly staple of my exercise routine, shouldn't I do better?

Not so much. My only redemption is that this 5K billed itself as a "challenging 5-hill course".

My last time was 33:58, this 5K I ran in 35:19. My time has gotten worse. I'll give you that this was a tougher course. However I've been 3 miles a day (or more) 3 times a week for the past 3 months. Even with the challenging course, my time shouldn't have gotten worse.

So, I'm sure you can tell that I wasn't happy with myself. But I finished another, and I wasn't the last person in - so that's two things to be content with.

Also, my niece, nephew, and parents were waiting for me at the finish line. The princess had wanted to buy me flowers, but Gaga & Baby (her name for my parents) couldn't get a 5 year old and a 14 month old ready quickly enough to stop at the store on the way.

Instead she brought me a stuffed animal (borrowed from the toy bin at my parents house) and went around the rest of the weekend telling everyone that she wanted to run in races like Aunt Boo.

At least I did well in one person's eyes!

I'm frustrated with myself at the moment. I've got a pretty full week on my plate - two doctor's appointments, visitors coming in Thursday night and staying for the weekend, grocery shopping and cleaning before said visitors arrive.

I got on the treadmill last night and couldn't shut off my brain. I just kept thinking about all the stuff I should be doing instead of running. So after only running a mile, I stopped and headed to the grocery store.

As it was, I didn't get to slow down for the night until 9 o'clock, but I couldn't help but feel like a quitter for not pushing through and finished the run.


  1. I think that's still great especially since it was a harder course. I attempted the Couch to 5K program two years ago but didn't complete - excuse after excuse. I'm determined to get myself in gear after seeing pics of me in my bathing suit. We're much harder on ourselves...why is that?

  2. Have you ever considered that maybe this was why your weight was slower to come off when you started the weight loss challenge? If you were doing a new running program you were building up tons of muscles in your legs that probably balanced out in weight what you were losing in fat.

    Congrats on making 2 5ks! I need to get my butt off the couch on onto the C25k thing! :)

  3. Congrats on finishing your second 5K. Finishing is a HUGE accomplishment that you should be very proud of. Too cute that your niece wanted to have flowers for you at the finish line. I think I'd cry if I saw my family standing at the finish line watching me cross.

  4. Great job on finishing the 5k! You can't compare a flat run to a hilly's like apples and oranges, they are both fruit but that's about it!
    I could only wish I could run a 5K right's been weeks since I've run! Oops.

  5. Sounds to me like you did awesome! I think you're being too hard on yourself. :) You finished your second race! How many people just do one and say that's enough of that and move on?

  6. You have done 2 just over an hour! That is an accomplishment in itself Brooke! Yeah for you! If you wanna do another one and make it in under 30minutes...push yourself! I know you can do it!

  7. ran another 5k. And you have the approval of your niece (I know how important that is, ha!). Sounds like a good day to me! And I'm the same way when I have a busy brain runs overtime and I overwhelm myself trying to "check things off the list."

  8. You are NOT a quitter. You ran another 5K and you finished it. I have tried doing a 5K once and I walked most the way. It is also okay to give your body a break. You should take the next week off from running so you can get your life in order and don't stress about running. You will get back to it and be amazing in no time.

  9. Hooray for you for doing it, especially since it was more difficult. I think you are too hard on yourself!

  10. first of all, congratulations! you finished! and not last! (this is what i pat myself on the back for :)~ )
    it seriously is great!!! but you know what, i've been running for more than a year now and every once in a while can still pull in a 35 minute 5k myself. i don't know what it is, heat or terrain, but it just happens. don't beat yourself up -- the big thing here is your fitness is now to level amazing! you're about to rock a 10k and even bigger things beyond that! now show me some athena and hit the treadmill!

  11. Congratulations on finishing another 5K. That is awesome. Like the other gals said, I wouldn't put too much into your slower time-35 minutes is still great. I did a 5K back in July and came in slower that that. I was just thankful I wasn't last. I really should sign up for another and I think you've inspired me to find another one to run. I can totally relate to how life gets in the way, but we need to stop making excuses for ourselves and get out there. I read a great quote at my daughter's volleyball camp this morning. The sign said, "Excuses are like belly buttons...everyone's got one." Something to think about, huh?!?

  12. Congrats on your sisterhood spotlight and don't worry we all have days when we don't do as well as we want! Just get back up and go again. You are doing so well!

  13. Wow good job at the race!

    I get like that too sometimes. My mind is so busy thinking of everything I have to do that running needs to take a backseat.

  14. Brooke, I am so very proud of you! Don't be so hard on yourself!

    You're a rock star!!

  15. Do you usually run 3 miles on the treadmill or pavement? There is actually a big difference, so if you've been training on your treadmill, then your race time is great! And with hills? Awesome!! I sure hope I want to run another 5K after my first in October! :)


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