August 17, 2009

I love you, I just comes natural

Jay and I share a love of country music, but by mid-November one thing we hadn’t shared was our first “I love you”s. Driving down the road one evening, George Strait’s new song “It Just Comes Natural” came on the radio.

…I love you, It just comes Natural, It's what I was born to do, Don't have to think it through, Baby, it's so easy loving you, It just comes Natural.

Jay and I talked about the song, and how we both liked it (even if the title was grammatically incorrect). Then he suggested that it be “our” song. I loved the idea, but my mind was racing because the song had the “l” bomb in it. Was he already thinking it? I loved him, but after only a month I was afraid I would scare him if I said it too quickly.

Before he and I started dating, he had planned a pre-Thanksgiving trip to Nashville to go to a concert at the Grand Ole Opry and visit his friend Jenny who lives there. He would leave the Sunday before, spend a few days there, and then head straight to Ohio to spend Thanksgiving with his family.

As we said our goodbyes, I wanted to tell him that I loved him, but once again I held back.Each day we traded lots of text messages and several late night telephone calls. Monday night was no different—at 1:21AM (technically Tuesday morning) a text came in.

BAbe—I am soooo drunj right now but they are playiog slide by matchbox 20 so I immediately thought of u—miss u so mucn & love you—wish u were here!:-)

Never did it cross my mind that Slide is, in fact, a GooGoo Dolls song, not one by Matchbox Twenty. He had said, or at least typed that he loved me! I tried not to get too excited. He was drunk after all.

What if he hadn’t meant it and he just typed in on accident? I sent a quick text back, asking if he would call me, hoping his response would clear up any confusion. 7 minutes later I got a response back that just confused me more.

Haha give me bout20 min we are getting jack in a box before I go to bed—yes indeed I am drunk off my ass but I still love u the same with all my heart!:-)

That evening I had to wait till 04:06AM for him to call. He kept apologizing for calling so late, but I assured him that I was glad that he called. I can’t remember all that we talked about in the 111 minutes that the conversation lasted (don’t ya just love cell phone records?) but there was not one “l” bomb to be had.

The next day at work I was still distressed and confided in a couple of friends. Kelly suggested that while the alcohol could have caused him to say it when he didn’t mean to, it wouldn’t not make him say it if he didn’t mean it. Alcohol is the ultimate truth serum. I also wanted a guy’s opinion, but Cornbread (yes, I work with a guy called "Cornbread") just succeeded in confusing me all the more. They both agreed that I shouldn’t go ahead and say it, just in case, but that I should try to see if he meant/remembered his messages.

So I hit forward and I asked him someone about the message he sent me that late. And rather than commenting on the “I still love u the same with all my heart!” he confirmed they did indeed go to Jack in the Box for burgers that late. I was frustrated to say the least.

I decided to just drop it till after he got back. He called me when he got back into town, wanting to know if he should go the back way home, or if he could go straight down the Parkway. (We live in a tourist town, and traffic can get crazy.) I passed along my dad’s advice and told him that I would finish up my dinner (I was eating dinner with my family) and head his direction.

He hadn’t eaten so I packed up some leftovers for him and took it with me. After he ate his dinner, we snuggled on the couch. Then out of the blue he asked “Do you think its possible to fall in love after just a month?” I opened my mouth to answer him and he continued “Because I think I’m falling in love with you.” “Yeah, I do think it’s possible, because I’m in love with you too.”

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  1. that is so stinkin cute. i wish i remembered the first time mine said 'i love you'. it feels so long ago! (well something like 13 years ago?) oh well. i so loved this story.

  2. HAHA!! Cute story! I remember when we were trying to find "our" song. We picked an Incubus song we liked...and then listened to the lyrics really good...and realized we really couldn't have THAT song as OUR!

  3. ha ha ha! That's so funny. Tell your hubby way to RUIN the first I love you by saying it in a drunken text. What a guy! :D

    P.S. I am now going to name my first born son Cornbread.

  4. one month must be the magical amount of time.....that's how long we dated before I told him I wanted to marry him!

    you know we never had "our song"....hmmmmmmm....maybe we will have to find one after 25 years! ha!

  5. How fun! Your post just brought back memories of my first dates with my hubby! Thanks for sharing.

    Stopping by from sits!

  6. yay for one monthers!!! I said it that soon myself 'I think I might be...' anyway to protect myself if he didn't LOL

    love your story! keep it coming!

  7. Aww!!! So cute!!!
    Oh, and I love that song too!!!

  8. Cute! I love stories like this :D

  9. o i loooooooooooooooooooove that story!!!

  10. I'm trying to remember the first time I heard I love you too. What a great story!

  11. Cute story! I remember the first time Hubs and I said I love you! Almost 12 years later and I love him even more.

  12. Cute story!

    Gotta love those late night texts!

  13. I love this! I am cracking up at his inebriated texts. So funny!


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