August 27, 2009

Sick Day

After all that talk about pushing through murphy yesterday, I just couldn't do it today.

I was excited yesterday afternoon when I felt well enough to get a 4 mile run in. I even pushed myself on time (I desperately want to get better than a 12 minute mile on my long runs) and felt great when the run was over.

Got in bed at my normal 10:30 fully intending on making today a strength/cross training day. I set my alarm to wake me up at 6:15, so I could be to the pool by 7. Then I woke up around 2:30 and didn't go back to sleep until around 5.

Between my stuffy nose and scratchy throat I was miserable. I thought I pushed my alarm back to 7, but apparently not. I woke up at 7:15 and had to bust it to shower/change/get to work on time.

I only made it two hours before telling my boss that I was packing up my swine flu and heading home.

So that's two activities I'm behind for the week. Surely if I have to sacrifice anything on the training plan, those are the two best right?

Hopefully I'll be feeling well enough tomorrow for work...and my 3 mile run.


  1. Oh, that cold/flu nonsense that makes you feel all dragged out and cruddy is the worst!! Drink and sleep lots, and feel better soon!

  2. You better take care of yourself!
    Don't make me come there and tuck you in with a hot totty.

  3. Take it easy and get rest! Otherwise you will just get worse. Feel better soon!

  4. You def. want to take it easy and not push yourself or else you'll make it super hard on your body to get better! Take it easy and you'll be running all the miles you want before you know it!

  5. Oh no!!! I hope you get to feeling better soon!

    Today's my rest day...though, as my dad (aka pushing coach/encourager) put it, "No day should be a rest day." Whateva. Let's see HIM RUN three miles, lol!! ;)

  6. Oh no!! I hope you feel better soon!!!

  7. no sense pushing yourself to get sicker! rest up baby, it'll all be there when you get back! feel better soon and take care of yourself!!!

  8.'s all good. there are some days where it simply isn't going to happen. and that's ok.

    (i have a broken toe right running is out completely for awhile. sigh.)

  9. That stinks. I hope you feel better.
    You have got to be the hardest working, most in shape person ever!!! You do so much I am in awe :D

  10. Hope you are feeling better Miss B! The run will be there when you are feeling normal again!

  11. that blows. We have so many people around here who are sick. I am bathing in antibacterial right now.Hope you feel better.


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