August 25, 2009

Abram's Falls

My sister and bil go back to school today, but their kids don't go back until next week. Since the babysitter, Juju, is also out of town, my mom, dad, and I are taking turns making the rounds.

Today is my day. I hope I'm up for an entire day with a teething 14 month old and an incredibly active 5 year old. While I'm off playing around, I thought I'd give yall a few pictures of our latest hike.

The Abram's Falls trailhead is near the half way point of the Cades Cove loop. Thankfully the one and only bear we saw for the day was as we were driving to the hike.

(as always click to enlarge, and remember jay has a great zoom on his camera - we're not dumb enough to really get this close)

Our 2nd run in with wildlife was on the trail itself. For about 0.5 miles we were stuck behind a deer. I used it as a welcome relief to Jay's typical breakneck pace.

The buck finally found a spot where he could deviate from the trail, and we were back on our merry way. When we got to the falls, we went straight for the up close and personal tour.

Then we waded out into the water for some more pictures.

Note to self: throw those shorts away. Wearing an XL short will only make you look like an XL person. No good can come from that.


  1. Oooh -- I wish we had something like that around here. So pretty!!

  2. lovely tour -thanks!!

    hmmmm hearing you say that about your shorts makes me think about some swishy pants Ihave that are the same ...

  3. Another bear sighting? Wow! Good luck with the kiddos - hope you're drinking your energy drinks. Kids don't stop going.

  4. I love waterfalls! Is your top from Old Navy? I think I have the exact same one!!!

  5. Pretty pictures - Love your hikes!

    Taking care of the kids will be great birth control (wink wink)!!
    I'm sure you'll do great!

  6. Beautiful can't help but smile when you are around beauty like that!

  7. Beautiful pictures!

    Hope your day with the kiddos went well!

  8. A and I totally need to get up there soon...

    hope you survived your day!


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