August 21, 2009

Why trolups take a bath in the sink

Today started my half marathon training. Since the "long" run on the training schedule was only 4 miles, I decided I could get up early before work and get my run in.

I can barely get a 3 mile run in (starting right at daylight), get showered, and get to work by 8 o'clock. For my 4 mile run, I decided that I could save time by getting my drive out of the way before daylight. (My office shares a parking lot with the community center.)

Since I frequently work out at lunch, I keep a locker at the community center with shower supplies like shampoo, body wash, and the all important body wash. It'd be no big deal to run the track outside the building, then shower in the locker room and head on over to work.

I had a pretty good run. As usual I was sweating like a man, but my energy was good. I have a little quad soreness from doing a bazillion lunges holding 2-10 pound weights, so that made it a little more difficult. But all in all it was a good first training run.

So I take my sweaty, pony-tailed self into to the gym office and ask for my key. "Number 11 please."

"Um. Number 11 isn't here."

"Okay she must have it already in the locker room then." I share the locker with my workout buddy, and while I didn't see her car in the parking lot, I figure she must have carpooled with her hubby today.

I figured wrong.

After looking around for a bit, the dude just gave up. He had no clue where it was.

Okay screw it.
I thought. I'll just jump in the shower and rinse off, I can live without soap. But then I remembered one crucial tool that was locked away in my locker.

Shower shoes.

No way I was going barefoot in Sasquatch's shower stall.

So I came to work to rinse off in the sink. On my way back, I noticed a coworker in the break room. I lamented to him about my plight. "I guess you'll just have to take a war bath."

War bath? Oh he means wh*re bath.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that prostitutes bathing in the sink doesn't make any sense at all. Yet men at war swiping down the best the could made perfect sense.


Kinda makes you wonder where my mind was the first time I heard the phrase though, that I would mishear that badly.


  1. HAHA!!

    I think I'm going to start running just one mile for tonight (maybe -- going coffee-hopping bar-hopping, only with coffee) and tomorrow (definitely) and then start the actual halfie training Sunday.

  2. Ick!!! Sorry about your loss (the key to locker 11) I'd rather get the shower then lysol my feet..

    BTW: I have 5 kiddos. We have one extra right now, Alex. She and her mom are cousins on my hubby's side and they are moving our way. She is staying with us b/c school has started and her mom has 1 more week of work in their old state.

    Oh, and I am doing some childcare, so after today I have 2 extra kids before school and on days off of school. Plus 2 little boys from 11-5, on school days, thier older sister also on school days off.

    Did I mention we may be getting custody of a little guy who needs a family?

    Yeah, it's busy, but I do better that way than when things are too mellow.

    I hope to catch up on my blog friends a bit now that I get a 2 quiet hours in the am. Of course I should work out then too....

  3. YEAH!!! When and where is your half??? I'm so excited for you, its a huge mental and physical challenge! And don't deprive your hunger! I've really started look at food as fuel. When I eat crap or not enough, my runs show it (haha and I might get the runs too).
    ~ Katie

  4. You are too funny!! Oh, and my mind often wanders to the gutter.

  5. And first thing in the morning, too! My mind is barely working then, let alone going there!

    You're a trooper ~ in more ways than one!!

  6. Lol!!! Wow that stinks! (literally!)

    Hopefully they can find the key for ya! Props to you getting up early to run...I just can't seem to get my butt out of bed, and then it's too hot to run when I get home, so I say I'll run in the evening, but that never works either. I don't think I've run all summer. Oops!

  7. lol! I would have most likely heard it that way as well...
    hope you find mysterious key 11 soon!

  8. That is hilarious! I agree though, I won't even go into a swiming pool with out water shoes on.

  9. thats funny.
    Good luck on the 1/2 marathon. I am sure you will do great.

  10. Congrats on starting your training. We call it a hobo bath, so guess it's all what your used to relating it to!

  11. Too funny!
    I'm so excited you're doing a half...can't wait to hear all about it!

  12. Not sure that you didn't hear that right... that's what my mama used to call it... something about them sponging off between clients!!!
    Of course I can't be sure since I don't think I know any!!!LOL


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