August 12, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday - The "I <3 JuJu" edition!

21 Days with the Sisterhood!

What is a JuJu? JuJu is a wonderful lady with a kind and generous heart. And I'm not just saying that because she complimented me this week.

Her real name is Mary Jo. She's watched my niece since she was born and as the Princess has grown, so has Mary Jo's relationship with my sister's family. She started out as a baby sitter, and has now become a 3rd grandmother to the Princess and the Little man.

My niece has her nicknames for everyone - names that were easier for her to say when she was first learning to talk but have since stuck.

Brooke = Boo
Grumps = Baby
Grannie = Gaga
Jay = Jay

Well, okay Jay didn't come along until later and it was easier to say.

And to a 2 year old Princess Mary Jo = JuJu.

But what does that have to do with me or weight loss?

We did the great furniture shuffle this weekend. A friend of mine had a queen bedroom suite that she didn't need anymore and since I have a king bed, I passed it along to my sister.

She had a bedroom suite, but the one my friend was giving away was nicer. So we loaded up the truck and took it north to my sister's house. Then we loaded up her old furniture and took it to JuJu's house. JuJu's daughter was heading off to college and needed the furniture for her apartment at school.

Which leads me to why I <3 JuJu.

The little man and JuJu's daughter were on the front porch swing asleep, and the menfolk were outside trying to load up the UHaul truck, so the rest of us went inside for a drink.

JuJu mentioned something about how similar my mother and I are, and then asked the question that every woman longs to hear...

"Have you lost too much weight?"

In reality, my jawline has never been similar to my mom's. I have my father's long, narrow chin, while my mom and sister have square jawlines.

But I enjoyed hearing her say it. :)

Okay now on to the numbers...

Last week: 127.2
This week: 128.2

That's what 4 whole days without exercise and eating whatever you want will do to you. I started back at it Monday morning, so I'm really pushing for my 10# button next week.

I'm doing okay on my 21 day challenge of no negative self talk, but I'm thinking more negatively then I should be.

How are you doing on your personal challenge? Great, I hope. Don't forget to weigh in and leave your link over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.


  1. You will get your button this week...a little birdie told me!

    That's a nice compliment, it's always nice to hear people notice yor hard work!

  2. I love reading your posts! Your niece is so lucky to have such a wonderful and loving aunt! Sounds like the furniture swap worked out for everyone.

    Get back on track this week, and I know you'll see that 10 pound button soon, girl!!


  3. p.s. get those negative thoughts out of your head! You're beautiful and you can do this!!!

  4. Keep working on not saying the negative thoughts, and the not thinking them will follow. I promise.

    I'm so proud of all of your hard work!!

  5. I LOVE the idea of 'no negative' for the challenge.. You can do it!!! Good luck with your button

  6. Enjoying the compliment is a great step toward getting rid of that negative self-talk, too, so double bonus!

    Just keep on track, and you'll have that 10# button in no time.

  7. JuJu is one smart lady! Keep it'll be there soon.

  8. I love the nickname story. When I was born, my older cousins (2ish at the time) couldn't say Karena. So they called me Eena. Then Eenie. Then Eenie Beanie. Bean or Beanie -- that stuck. No one in my family calls my Karena.

    You'll get there! You're doing great!

  9. You'll get that button, I know you will! I'm glad you've stopped the negative self-talk. Now let's work on those thoughts! ;)


  10. Think postively about your self and what is presented to you. I think your doing great girl!

  11. Isn't it great when people notice? I'm glad to hear you are doing good on no negative self talk.

  12. That always feels good, for someone to notice your hard work! Great job. And no negative thoughts for you, missy!

  13. you inspire me, you really do

    that whole no negative self-talk thing though...not sure I can do that one. i'd like to though...


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