August 09, 2009

Rough going...

Today I the hardest day for me so far regarding my 21 day challenge. This weekend (starting Thursday) has been so crazy I haven't had an opportunity to think, much less think about creative ways to put myself down.

I also haven't watched my calories or exercised since Wednesday. And I just feel blah. I used a loophole (not "saying" anything negative) by writing out that I feel f-a-t.

I'm also definitely moving from the cute summer night dress to pants this evening. I don't care if it is 80 degrees in my house and 90+ outside, I'm just not doing well as I look down at my thighs.

I think I was fairly close on calories Thursday (I had 900 left before walking in to Arby's.) If I went over, I don't think it was by much. I need to start keeping a tally sheet, even if I can't log on the computer. But eating out (we mostly do local spots) is just so hard!

Okay my obsessive brain just figure out about how much I ate each day (best estimate, but I tried to over estimate just in case i forgot something) and if I eat 1300 calories today, then I'll have 1530 for tomorrow and Tuesday.

My formula is taking my goal calories * 7 (days a week) - calories consumed so far / by the number of days left in the week.

I might pull this one out. I should be happy enough just to hit 0.2 for my 10# button.

I was questioning my will power this morning, obviously its weak right? Then I remembered that I've lost around 10 pounds! For someone proclaimed to be at a healthy weight by her doctor - that takes some will power doesn't it??

I just hate that the days my body works the hardest are the days that it gets less fuel to make up for my weekend splurges.


  1. I hear ya. Hang in there though ~ you're doing SO well!!!

  2. And, remember, you did break the 130 mark -- which is awesome!!

  3. Stay focused...then you'll be wearing that dress in no time...and feeling great about doing it!

  4. Stick with it - you're doing awesome!


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