August 06, 2009

I'm a snob...sorta

Most of my life I've been a snob. I'm not to good for generic food. I'm not above sneaking generic salad dressing into a restaurant (it was low cal dressing). But one thing I won't settle on is my health care.

My eye doctor practices in my town, but beyond that I refuse to go to a doctor in this county. I would much prefer to drive 45 minutes to an hour to K-town. Its a large city and home to a well known university (Go Vols!).

I've always said in case of emergency, I'd rather die on the way to K-town, then be taken to the local ER. The only exception I ever made was if I was bleeding to death. That was, of course, until the accident made me change my thinking.

If you weren't around for all the drama, you can read about it here and here. Long story short: my hemophiliac husband sanded his finger down to the bone and the local hospital told him that they weren't equiped to treat him and to never come back unless he wanted a helicopter ride to the University hospital.

So while I was annoyed at my hour long drive to my GYN yearly appointment yesterday, there is no way I'm letting a local doctor poke me.

Amazingly enough there were several good things about yesterday afternoon. Even though the doctor's office is located in the upscale, trendy part of K-town, I had two people compliment me on my wedding rings! You'll see them eventually in Rachel's Meetings, Marriages, & Memories carnival.

This was something I certainly wasn't a snob about. When he and I first started talking engagement, he asked what I thought about getting a ring upgrade for an anniversary in the future. "No way. The ring that you give me is the ring that I'll cherish forever."

I thought this would take the pressure off - I was letting him know that it was the thought behind the ring, the love of a man who wanted to marry his woman, that was most important. Not the 3 c's.

Instead, he took it as even more pressure. This is the ring she'll be wearing when we're old and gray - I'd better make it a good one.

Okay I'm getting off track. Point being, my husband had beautiful taste. (Or else had the help of his mother.)

So here is my (doctor) snobby self in a snobby part of town, and not just one but TWO people comment on how pretty my rings are. It makes me want to jump up and down and squeel like we were first engaged or something.

While I was already out there, I decide to go to the snobby mall. Well not really snobby, but trendy and very well spoken of. My mom told me that their Marshalls & Ross stores were more expensive, and we'd be on the poor side of the tracks today to get better deals. So I stuck with the stores that wouldn't be at the closer malls.

Oddly enough I didn't find it all that spectacular. I spent less than $15. $1 each on a Stephen King audio book (The Gingerbread Girl, please don't tell me it sucks) and a regular book. Then I went to the Christian bookstore and spend $13 on 48 birthday cards. Can't beat $0.25 each, plus it saves me a trip to the dollar store every month!

I took my bargain loving, self home, opened a can of chicken, added bbq sauce (free with coupon), store brand cheese, plopped it on a tortilla and considered it a delicious dinner.

Guess I'm not much of a snob after all. I just care too much about my (and my husband's) body to let less than the best be in charge of my health care.


  1. I don't think you are a snob either! And you better PRAY the current President doesn't get his way with his healthcare non-plan!!!!

  2. I am the SAME way. I went to four different OBGYN's before I found the right one. Kyle was going crazy. He was like, "How many are you going to GO to??" But, I mean, this man/woman (turns out to be a man -- not my fav, but he is AWESOME) will be the person to deliver my future children -- they have to be FANTASTIC. It was worth it.

  3. I completely agree w/you on the dr thing! trying to think what I am a snob of.. I think we all are somewhere... I have a child care child that will only eat ice cream if it comes from a certain creamery in town... maybe I am a water snob b/c I won't drink our city water-I have bottled water delivered...

  4. I'm an underwear snob...I swear I've tried to wear Hanes, but it just ain't happenin'. Only VS for me.

  5. I'm a Dr snob too. I drive 45 minutes to see mine, when there are some 10 minutes from me. It's worth it!
    I want to see your rings!

  6. Sometimes it just pays (health-wise) to be selective about certain things..especially doctors! I have doctors in my local area but thankfully, they are great.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I wrote a response to your questions about the half on my blog..

  7. You have to stick with the doctors you like. Kind of like a hair stylist. I used to drive one hour to get my hair cut. I've since found someone closer but it took a while. We deserve the best, right?

  8. I don't think you are a snob at all - We all want the best health care!!

    I bet your rings are beautiful! I feel the same way. The rings he put on my finger the day we married are the rings I will always wear :D

  9. I'm a snob about my food. I eat way too much Fresh N Easy and trader Joes but can't help it. And the Gingerbread Girl is excellent. It's a short novel published as a short story in his collection Just After Sunset. I really recommend that novel actually if you like Stephen King.

  10. I went shopping in K-town yesterday with about a million other tax-free seekers. Miserable!


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