August 31, 2009

Our first dating anniversary

Starting month 3, Jay'd been giving me flowers on the 13th of each month for our our "monthiversary". Since I had never been in a long term relationship (my longest ever was 9 months in the 5th grade), each passing month showed my commitment to this man.

We had planned on joining my parents and grandparents for a week at the beach (Tybee Island/Savannah) in October, but we were counting on going the 20th. Those plans all changed when we received a wedding invitation for some friends of ours who were marrying on the 20th.

The only week left was the week of the 13th. We had two choices - not go to the beach or spend our anniversary with my family. I love the beach so it wasn't a hard decision for me.

Savannah is a beautiful, historic town and while it was too cold to get in the water it was plenty warm for long walks on the beach.

The day of our anniversary, we ditched the old folks and headed into Savannah for dinner. Don't worry, we'd went by the grocery store and stocked them up with food to make in the condo, so its not like we left them stranded.

After dinner we came back to the condo and took a romantic walk on the beach.

Jay gets so frustrated because I have a hard time keeping my eyes open for a camera flash. Obviously, pictures of moonlit walks on the beach were no exception.

Then we headed back to the condo...and to bed for the evening.

Before you start covering the eyes of young children, let me explain. We had rented a 3 bedroom condo for the week. The master, with a balcony out to the ocean, went to my grandparents, the 2nd guest room with the standard bed went to my parents, and Jay and I were given the 3rd room.

With two twin beds.

As if that weren't good enough, Jay insisted that we sleep with the bedroom door open. My parents begged us to close it. They knew that no funny business would go on, and they didn't want to have to worry about being quiet when they woke up at 6 in the morning and we were still asleep at 9.

We compromised at a shoe width crack in the door. I convinced him that if it was good enough for King College (my conservative Christian school) then it was good enough for us.

One morning, we even got up early enough to see the sunrise. Then we both decided that it was too early and went back to bed.

I couldn't have asked for a better anniversary.

And this year, for our first married anniversary, he's recycling the idea. We've decided to head out west to see the Sequoias and the Redwoods. Although this time, we will be sharing a bed. (Just in case you were wondering.)

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  1. enjoy your romantic! & your anniversary trips!

  2. Aw, this is so wonderful. Enjoy your trip!

  3. So did he give you flowers during this trip too?

    I am cracking up at your sleeping arrangements. My mom is so strict, even if there had been an extra twin in the room, she still would have made him sleep on the couch. :)

    Love the pics of you guys - ya'll are so cute!

  4. Oh that is so sweet! Your hubby is a romantic!! Have a wonderful time :D

  5. I love that your hubby got flowers for you every month. The anniversary trip sounds wonderful!

  6. Flowers every month? Wow! I've only gotten flowers TWICE in 5 years :D

    I'm glad to know you'll share a bed this time.

  7. Aww Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!! Sound like you'll have a fun trip!

  8. What a gentleman. Happy Anniversary and enjoy your getaway. If you get a chance, can you please take a picture of you driving through a redwood tree? We read a kids book about the redwoods and my little guy seemed confused that you could actually drive through a tree.

  9. haha!!! yeah, I am on board with Rachel on this one. my mom woudl have had that boy on the couch.

  10. very very cute story and you guys are SUCH A CUTE COUPLE! happy anniversary!!! i didn't realize it's your first!!! Congratulations!!! How very very wonderful!

  11. This makes me smile so much :0)

    I love love!


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