August 04, 2009

Oh be careful little lips what you say...

Today is weight in day over at the the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. Head on over to check in, also check out how some of your fellow aspiring shrinkers are doing.

21 Days with the Sisterhood!

Last week: 129.2
Current weight: 127.2

I'm not sure what to make of that. Aunt Flow is coming for a visit tomorrow, but then again I ran 3 miles before weighing this morning. Oh well - I'll take it! :) (PS - that's 0.2 pounds away from my 10# sticker!!)

Today starts the 21 day challenge - the girls gave us some ideas to start with on things we can work on for the next 21 days, turning them from ideas into habits. There are several they listed that I need to work on, specifically getting my 5 fruits & veggies as well as my 3 dairies.

The more I thought about it, I realized that while I need to consider these things, I have something far more important to work on - stopping all negative self talk.

Some of you may know the children's song referenced in the title. "The Father up above" isn't the only one looking on you in love. Most of you (whether they be yours or a family member's or a friend's) have little eyes look at you, waiting to see what you're going to do.

I wrote yesterday about my 5K experience this past weekend. My niece has been at the finish line waiting on me for both races. She's also heard all about her father's experience participating in the Empire State Building Run-Up race.

It made me very proud when my mom told me that the Princess told her she wanted to "be healthy and run races like Aunt Boo." It broke my heart, though, when she told me how the Princess got a bowl of ice cream for desert that night, took two bites, then pushed it away. "I forgot, I'm supposed to be watching my sugar."

A 5 year old shouldn't know what that means.

My mom chastised me, thinking that it was something she overheard me saying. I'm quite confident it wasn't, because typically when the Princess is in, I just take a cheat day.

Later in the day, the Princess and I were playing on one of her "rock star" toys that puts the image of you onto the tv. My mom decided to join in the fun, and danced into the picture. When she saw herself on the tv, she said "Okay, fat legs shouldn't be dancing" and danced her way off screen.

I have since called that to her attention, but the point is we all say things like that about ourselves. The little ears hear it, and deep down, we hear it too. Say it long enough and you'll actually start believing it.

Who wouldn't love to be a 50+ year old woman with two healthy children, two great son-in-laws, and two beautiful grandchildren - to have all of that AND only weigh 150 pounds? Sound like one blessed grandma to me! Only she sees the skinny legged woman who weighed 145 pounds the day before she gave birth to her 2nd child (that'd be me).

Its certainly not just her. She learned it from her mom, and my sister and I, in turn, learned it from her. It has to stop somewhere, and I chose for it to stop here.

For the next 21 days I will not allow myself to engage in any negative self talk. And I will try my darnest not to think any.

Wish me luck - cause I can promise this journey isn't gonna be easy!


  1. Yeah!!! I'm really proud of you Brooke! Negative talk is so harmful and it really impacts you!
    ~ Katie

  2. Brooke -- congrats on the loss! That's phenomenal!

    And what a great idea, to stop the negative self talk!! We all do it. I was just posting on someone else's blog yesterday about this kind of thing -- I do my best not to talk about losing weight or being thin... instead, I speak of being healthy and fit. But it's all still there in my head.

    Great post!

  3. You can do it!! I'm so excited and inspired by you!

  4. Good job on the loss - even better to stop negative talk and self thoughts!

  5. You are beautiful, smart, and strong!

    What you need to do is write some positive affirmations on index cards and keep them in your pocket or desk drawer or bathroom mirror or fridge door. That way, when you start to feel like getting down on yourself, you can pull it out or glance at it for some positive words.

    You CAN do this Brooke.

    And holy COW! Congrats on the fabulous loss! I'm SOOOOOOOOO proud of you. So proud!

  6. You go girl! That is awesome.

    I agree - the negative thoughts even though we feel like we're saying them to ourselves, other ears are listening. I really think that's why my daughter doesn't like her freckles.

    PS: My word verification is baconap (2 of my favorite things). LOL!

  7. That is a good goal Brooke, we all could use a little more positive talking to ourselves.

    You should be proud that you are offering positive reinforcement to your niece...she wants to run like you!

    Great loss!

  8. What an awesome goal! I've allowed the negative self talk back into my life, and have been trying to banish it, too. Let us know how you do!

  9. Congrats on the Spotlight Award. You totally deserve it as you are a faithful commenter!! Thanks so much!!

  10. Great job, Brooke!!

    Congrats on your nomination. You are a great commenter and motivator. You come over even when it is not weigh in day:)

    Negative talk is an excellent habit to break! Something I need to thing about.

  11. YOU are so AWESOME!!!

    I do all I can here to encourage HEALTHY eating in my child care but what is said & done outside of my walls I have given up to parents to handle.

    I am a master @ self negativity but have learned over the years not to voice it outloud, whether it be little ears or others poo-pooing me its just not meant to be said outloud but it is the hardest habit to break I think.

  12. Congrats on losing 2 pounds....really, in just one week, losing 2 lbs is a wonderful loss!!

    I'm guilty sometimes of saying the same types of things in front of my kids. I have to really be careful!

    Thanks for the idea of a ticker on my blog to the 10-yr anniversary trip to Atlantis!!!

  13. That? Is an AMAZING habit to develop! What a great idea.

    Congrats on the loss this week!!

  14. What a great reminder! I certainly don't want my children to grow up with negative images of food and their body. And I think it's terrific that you added stopping the negative self-talk to your 21 day habits. (Oh and congrats on the Sister Spotlight - totally deserved!!!) :)

  15. You are a rock star!!! Great job this week. And I love, love, LOVE your 21 day goal.

  16. Good luck! Positive thought and positive energy!

  17. I work with kids on a daily basis and this really makes me want to watch myself and how I should say it, if even at all. Kids are such sponges. Great post hun!

  18. Congrats!!! And I am learning the "watch your mouth" lesson every day. My 3 year old repeats everything!

  19. wow, how powerful is that little statement by that one little girl? it's so true though and it does have to stop. i have to stop doing it too so maybe one day we can all break this crazy cycle!!


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