September 01, 2009

Sisterhood Update

Crazy exciting things are happening over at the Sisterhood of the shrinking jeans!!!! Giveaways, challenges, and encouragement galore over there. If you're not a member I'd seriously recommend you check it out. Even if you're not trying to lose weight

There are two giveaways that I'm dying to tell you about. Mostly because it means that I get a 2nd entry in the giveaway myself!! :) Christie O. reviewed a pair of Zoot Tri Shorts and loved them!!

I'll be honest with you ladies, I thought I was the only person in the world that suffered from chub rub. Could I possibly be the largest runner in the world?? That didn't sound logical, considering most races have an "Athena" division for women 150+ pounds. My neurotic side said maybe the Athena chicks just carried all their weight in their upper body/chest.

My running buddy (who resembles a stick insect with her supermodel long, skinny limbs) and my hubby both told me to just get the shorter shorts and get over myself. They both thought it was a vanity thing - I assured them both it was more about comfort than pride!

I've since found a couple pair of longer Nike shorts that I like, but I look like I stole my husbands shorts. Or like one of those know the ones...that wear the long shorts and the wife-beater tank tops and try desperately to fit in with the guys that they're ballin with. (As Jay, I do a lovely impersonation.)

How stylin will I be if I win, wearing the zoot shorts with a pair of the shorty shorts that Larry the Cable guy likes so much?

Another giveaway the Sisterhood has going right now is connected to the Weight Watchers Lose for good campaign. They're giving away a Jenny McCarthy autographed copy of Weight Watchers magazine along with a free 1 year subscription to the magazine itself!!!

How cool would that be??

Now that I'm done pimping out their giveaways to try to help myself win, I want to let you know about the Lose for Good/Shrink for Good challenge. The SSJ ladies have taken the LFG challenge and tweaked it a bit. For the next few weeks we'll be shrinking for good - the greater good that is.

For every pound we lose we're being challenged to donate that same weight in food to our local food pantry.

First off, I think it'd be awesome if you'd join in. Link up to the sisterhood if you'd like (please!) I promise there is no judgment amongst the sisters.

But if you're not ready for that kind of commitment just kept it to yourself and make a donation already!

I need your help though. Right now I'm only 1.8 pounds from my goal, which translates into only a couple of items donated to my local food pantry. What do you think I should do to alter the challenge to make it work for me?


  1. I need to get into the sisterhood. I think they would help motivate me. Thanks!

  2. Awesome post, Brooke!!

    How about making it a certain weight of food/per workout? Like 4oz or something along that line! Every 4 workouts = 1 lb of food!

  3. You are doing so well! And I'm glad you found some shorts you like.

  4. Oooh, I may actually join you...and I need to check into those shorts. I have the SAME problem, and I hate it!

  5. I wear under armour compression shorts to run to avoid the rub!

    Thanks for stopping by my site! My marathon is 10/4 - so just over 4.5 weeks to go (eek).

  6. I think you're doing great! And if you are only 1.8 pounds from goal then you aren't "big" anymore hun!!



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