September 03, 2009


Growing my parents would take us on vacation every year like clockwork. Daddy's plant shut down for two weeks in the summer. I suppose for a manufacturer, its easier to just completely close the doors rather than having to replace people on the line as they requested vacation time.

Ever year in July, my parents took us somewhere whether we could afford it or not. Some years were nicer than others, Canada instead of Kentucky, but the important part was that we were all together.

They found ways to cut corners and save money - if our hotel didn't have complimentary breakfast, we'd eat poptarts in the room. Lunch typically always consisted of bologna sandwiches and chips.

Yet these were some of my best memories growing up.

Vacation is one thing I told Jay I wasn't willing to compromise on. Its harder for someone self employed like Jay (I'm sure I've mentioned that he worked on our honeymoon) but I think its very important to take a week to just be together as a family.

The extended family (my parents, sister, bil, niece, nephew, and Jay and I) took a 4 day weekend trip to a town about 2 hours away just to hang out together earlier in the Spring.

Jay's sorta been dragging his feet on our vacation though. We had originally planned to go to Virigina Beach, Busch Gardens, and historical Williamsburg in September. His month is shaping up to be pretty busy, so he decided that we needed to go out west for our anniversary.

First we picked Yellowstone. Only Yellowstone in November is very snowy, and all the roads are closed.

So we've settled on the Sequoias in California. Since it was his idea, I'm letting him plan it. Confession time: I'm a control freak. I love to plan. I love creating hour-by-hour iteneraries for trips.

He's a little nervous that the wild fires out there will affect our plans.

I don't think we have any real plans yet, so how can they be affected?

This is gonna be fun.

Or not. :P


  1. California sounds like fun!!! I'm a control freak too, but just think, you can it back and enjoying it without the stress of planning. :-)

    Thanks for the encouragement!!!

  2. I too am planning control freak but LET ME TELL you how good it feels NOT to have it all on my shoulders anymore!! :)

  3. Oooh -- I'd love to go to California! I hope y'all get to go and the fires don't ruin your trip!

  4. I grew up in California...that part is very nice. :) Have a great time! If the fires get to be to much you could plan a trip to the Idaho Panhandle. LOL :) It's even prettier. But, not as much fun in the winter unless you just want to ski. :)

  5. Hey Brooke, I finally linked to your blog on mine. Not too slow on the uptake. Anyway, I am going to northern California next year. I plan my vacations way ahead because I use my tax refund. so I have all year to decide where to go. This year we went to the Inauguration so next year I want to show the boys my old stomping grounds.
    Have a great time....its so beautiful up there.

  6. It will be fun, and Jay will probably realize why you think vacations are important!
    I'll be waiting to see what you end up doing!

  7. You are so fortunate to be able to plan a vacation! How wonderful, and I know it's stressful to let someone else do the actual planning - maybe it will be enjoyable!

  8. Thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog! I am so happy that I have found such a great group of people in this blogging community who support and encourage me (and occassionally get grossed out by my stories). I love planning vacations too, by the way; hope you have a wonderful time!

  9. It will be fun but I know what you mean about not being in control. Enjoy and relax. Can't wait to see all the pics.

  10. I can't wait to hear about it! I've done Malibu/LA and Santa Barbara, but am itching to explore more of the state!

  11. OH yes, it's so hard to turn over the reigns. but maybe he'll really surprise you!! i hope so! sounds like a lot of fun!

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  13. As a control freak myself, sometimes it's good to step back and let others take the reins. Different doesn't equal wrong!! But I feel your pain, lol!

    I hope you have a fabulous trip....eventually!

  14. I'm a planner too. But no worries!! Let him plan and just once it's ok to fly by the seat of your pants! Oh by the way, I thinking more on the lines of Gig 'Em---Aggies!!! Maroon out!

  15. This sounds so much like family vacationed every year no matter what, but they didn't have much money so we camped and cooked our own food to save money. I'm sure you're vacation will work out and I think it is great that you are letting him plan it!


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