September 22, 2009

Book Review: The Noticer by Andy Andrews

The Noticer starts off with a tale of a Andy, young man struggling through life. Both of his parents have passed away and his opportunities are few - he lives under a pier taking spare food from vacant vacation homes.

The real story, however, is about Jones, the title character in book. Jones enters Andy's life and teaches him how to gain a new perspective. As the book progresses, the readers are introduces to countless people who have been touched by the wisdom of the old man.

I very much enjoyed this read, and although quick, it was also very insightful. It read as casually as a conversation, but there were moments that I had to stop to take it all in. While Jones was teaching the couple on the brink of divorce how to love one another, I found myself reviewing my marriage. Do I truly understand how to make my husband feel loved?

With each example came introspection and real knowledge, broken down to its most basic level. Lessons on worry, forgiveness, and purpose – told in a scene between Jones and one of his “best friends” but meant for the reader to not only glean, but apply to our lives.

Having said that, allegory aside, the story itself was touching and very heartwarming. I definitely recommend this read!

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