September 07, 2009

Our engagment

Since I'll be entertaining my out of town guests today, I'm going to try to make it on for a minute to link up to Rachel's Meetings, Marriages, and Memories carnival.

In the interest of keeping it real, I'll just tell you - I knew that Jay was going to propose.

I was certain that he was going to propose because he all but told me. Then he showed me the ring.


He wanted to make sure my ring was perfect. I'd already told him that the ring he proposed with was the one I would keep for life. No upgrades. I'm too sentimental for that. If I ever want an upgrade he can get me a gorgeous one to wear on my right hand.

So he would try to casually quiz me about what I would like. Silly boy didn't realize that for a girl in love, there is no casual conversation about engagement rings! I told him that I wanted whatever he picked for me.

My ring was just one thing I wasn't a diva about. I requested white gold to match the other jelewry he had bought me but beyond that he was on his own.

Then he "casually" asked me about how I would feel about getting his mother's diamond.

I was quite flattered. He's an only child. I just always assumed no one would be good enough for her baby. Giving me her diamond (she believes in upgrades) was a huge sign to me that she approved.

He took the diamond, had it reset, and made into a unique ring for me.

And couldn't wait to share it with me. He first tried just giving me hints to tease me. Asking me if I knew what his favorite number was.

Easy answer 33, but what does that have to with my diamond ring?

He finally just got it out and showed it to me.

23 diamonds in the engagement ring (22 small ones + his mama's) and 10 diamonds in the wedding band.

And let me try it on.

For real.

How long would he torture me waiting? He had said that since my BIL had proposed to my sister in a castle overlooking the ocean, he had a big shadow to overcome.

I suspected I knew when the big question would come...but I'm going to make you wait until next week to find out!

But I could tell no one. He hadn't asked me to marry him yet. We weren't even engaged.


  1. This is just so uplifting to read! My hubby wasn't subtle either about the engagement thing. So I wasn't surprised, but still really happy!

  2. OHMYGOSH!! Such suspense!

    Happy almost engagement!

    Now girlie, we want pictures and details so hurry it up already!!!

  3. So, you saw the ring but couldn't tell anyone! That's almost cruel! :)

    Can't wait to hear how he finally pops the question!

  4. Hee hee! Hubs and I went ring shopping together. We narrowed it down to 3 rings, so I knew it was one of the 3 but I didn't know which one until he proposed. :P We started looking at rings after only 3 weeks of dating! LOL Sometimes you just know I guess. :P

  5. WHAT??!! And no pictures of THE RING???!!!!

  6. my boyfriend, well now my fiance, was much like that. he even left a brouchure of engagement rings from this website in my school book once.

    needless to say, boys would be boys. they think it might be subtle or we would not know, but hey it is still such a wonderful feeling.

  7. Cute story, but I want to see the ring!

  8. oh booger, i wanna know more! what a stinkin sweet story! i was the same way with my ring, i knew i would love whatever he picked out. and actually, he picked out the EXACT one I would have picked out myself, which meant to me that he knew me that well. I loved that. anyhoo, can't wait to hear the rest!

  9. Well that's just wrong. I wanted the rest of it.

  10. I knew about mine, too, and couldn't tell anyone! Such torture!! I did write a letter to a friend while she was out of town ~ hoping it would be official when she read it! I can't wait to read the rest! & I'd love to see a picture of the ring!


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