September 17, 2009

Just gimme 5!

Now that you're going to be singing the Krystal commercal song all day...

On Monday Mari did a meme about 5 random words and offered to give those of us who want to play along. Here are the words she gave me:


I love my family. Sometimes I have trouble remembering that Jay and I are technically a little family now! :) I am blessed with two great parents, a wonderful set of grandparents, a great sister and BIL and two precious little ones - a 5 year old princess who just started Kindergarten and wants to be exactly like her Aunt Boo, and a 17 month old little man.


I'm a financial junkie. I'm convinced its a sickness. I love spreadsheets and tables filled with my financial information. I'm sure I must bore you guys to tears with my financial stuff, but it really is one of my passions. ( I sound like such a square!!!)


I worry about Jay's health,and the health of my grandparents. I'm really working at being more healthy myself, but its tough. Growing up in a family where fresh fruits and healthy just weren't an option because of budgetary reasons, I'm having to train myself now to try and experiment with new things. Just in case you were wondering, I tried a grapefruit this morning and didn't like it at all. Thankfully there are plenty of other great fruits out there I do love!

Its crazy how my palate is changing. Chocolate cake has little appeal to me now (unless its a cheese cake) but fruit pies and cakes are my favorite types of desserts.


The mountains around here are beautiful. For the longest time I never noticed them, certainly didn't appreciate them. Being in love with a Yankee that's not use to them certainly opened my eyes!

Its crazy to me to think that these are mountains down to their bare bones. I read somewhere that at one point, the Smokies were as big as the Alps or something crazy like that. Years of erosion have made them America's little babies compared to the Rockies.


Also, I'm already starting to get sad. This time next year there will never be another episode of Lost again. Ever.

Maybe we should start a support group, go out and buy every season on DVD, then come next fall start off watching Season 1 like its a new show.

Okay so how's that for random. Let me know if you'd like 5 words to have a go at!


  1. I still have no idea when Lost starts since our board has a group of smart asses

  2. oh how i love the mountains. love them! wish we had some. but alas, it is FLAT here.

  3. that was sooooooooooooo fun!!! :)

  4. Where'd you see Lost spoilers??? I must google this now, lol!!

  5. You've been reading spoilers??? SHAME ON YOU!!!! :P

    Just kidding. I am having to exercise some SERIOUS self-control not to scour the internet for spoilers. :)

  6. LOVE your Lost idea, and I'm totally in for it.

    I'd like 5 words too please!

  7. You did great with your words! I don't think your financial thoughts are a sickness - I think you are brilliant! I also love the Smoky Mountains. Lost? I can't believe it's going to be done either - and when does it start?
    PS - grapefruit is wonderful!

  8. Just thought you would like to know I am sitting here in my hazmat suit! R1 if feeling better and the house had been hosed down in Lysol so I think we are good. Try every fresh fruit or veggie atleast once. It was when I did that I discovered that I like beets! I know!! But they are good and so is star fruit!

  9. Not a big fan of grapefruit either. And wahhhh on the last season of Lost ever...don't tell me how they're going to wrap it all up. If it's dream like the Wizard of Oz, I'm going to be so angry.

  10. i love finances also. I read so many articles and i love working on our budget.

  11. I will most definitely be joining the Lost support group. I don't know how I will possibly function without it.

    And I love grapefruit. It's one of my fav's!


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