September 25, 2009

Its official - we're rednecks

In redneckville, you don't get more country than muddin'. While Jay enjoys taking the ole Jeep through a mud puddle or two, I prefer a far less dirty way of enjoying the top down.

This weekend, Jay will be attending a property auction of some farmland. He really wants to buy a lot (if we do, we'll sell our current lot), so we decided to go out and take another look on Wednesday evening. I finished my 7 mile (EEEE! my longest distance ever) run around 6:30, he picked me up and we headed that direction.

(Click to enlarge photos)

The view from the top of two of the lots:

Crossing over a dip in the field, Jay slung some mud up on the his side of the Jeep. It was a soupy, dark, sticky mud, so I was very glad it didn't get me. We rode around a while and made the loop back to enjoy the view one more time.

On the way back through the muddy dip, Jay decided to try another way, just about 100 feet from our original path.

To our misfortune, this spot was deceptively muddier than the first.

And as Jay hit the accelerator, the mud started to fly.

I was not a happy camper. The dooney & burke purse was a gift, and while I had no clue just how much he gave for it, I knew it wasn't cheap.

I can however tell you exactly what I spent ($109)on my running shoes - I just bought them two weekends ago.

Jay tried hauling some rocks over to put under the tire for traction, but not before losing his flip flop in the depths of the marsh.

This next picture can be deceptive. No, Jay isn't kneeling. That's how deep the mud was. And why I stayed in the Jeep the whole time.

Of course his redneck roots (I thought he was supposed to be the yankee here?) found it very amusing.

I, on the other hand...

I called my parents for help, while Jay tried to get a hold of some of his buddies. My dad was at his referee meeting, so my mom didn't have much assistance to offer. She certainly wasn't going to hitch anything to her Chrysler 300.

Jay finally got one of his buddies, who said that he'd run home to see if he had the chains, toe straps, or other accessories needed to pull us out. In the mean time, my mom called back, deciding that she was going to come out and just sit with us because she was worried. About a 100 feet away was a gravel driveway, so she'd make it out to us just fine.

I only had one request - food!! Please keep in mind that it was approaching 7:30, I had shortly before that ran for an hour and a half without stopping, and my last bite of food was a snack at 2:30.

She came bearing gifts of diet mtn dew and peanuts. That's her in the photo above - she wouldn't come near the Jeep and I wouldn't get out in the mud. Jay acted as the go-between.

As dark started to fall, my patience got thinner and thinner. I called a friend of mine, to see if she knew anyone that could get us out (she has a corolla and her husband has a versa so I knew they couldn't). Thankfully she thought of our boss, who not only owns a 4X4 truck, but also lives not too far from where we were stuck.

When I called, he was outside mowing his yard, but his wife passed along the message and he promptly called us back asking what size chains he'd need. About 10 minutes later, we saw a flat bed truck coming down the road.

"I just meant for him to bring his ram." I said to Jay, but as Jay approached the vehicle, we quickly realized that this wasn't our rescuer. He was hauling mulch to the top of the property (presumably for the sale).

Just a few minutes later my boss showed up (in his dodge). As he pulled down the path, two flat beds came over the hill. "We've been up there mulching for the past hour, if we'd known you were down here we could come down here and got you out."

They helped my boss and his son hook up the chains and with very little effort by the Ram, we were free and clear.

No offense to all you muddin' fans out there, but I hope that's what my Papaw calls a twofer - the first and the last time I'm ever involved in one of those adventures. Thankfully, the Jeep did make it out unscathed, just a little dirty.


  1. The property looks just gorgeous - except for the mud! I wouldn't have gotten out either. It did make for a good blogging story!

  2. Oh my gosh, that is too funny!!! Glad y'all made it out!!

  3. Oh my... haven't seen shots or heard a story like that in YEARS!!!!!! thanks for the chuckle!

    great gorgeous view btw!


    I just can't imagine...

  5. Love it!!! I may be Northern born, but I'm a Southern at heart! (It may have to do with the fact that my home town is farmland central!)

    Good think you were able to get out! Love the view of the land too!!!

  6. That looks like so much fun! Well except the part where your purse got muddy!

    Good luck with the uncle lives in far is that from you? He loves it there!

  7. Sadly, I think our husband's would get along far too well. I have had an experience or two similar to this one. Glad you got out!

  8. Being from north LA, I totally understand the phenomenon of "muddin" and even participated in it a couple of times.

    I'd be pretty hacked about my bag and shoes too. PRIORITIES! :)

  9. I hope the purse came clean after that adventure. What's next - frog giggin'?

  10. Your face in the picture says it ALL! haha good times though!

  11. Love muddin' but not getting stuck! Glad you made it out. As for your dooney, try some spot shot, it's in a can with an orange lid. That stuff is awesome! It got blueberry yogurt out of my new carpet.

  12. I've had a few experiences like that but it has been a very long time! Good luck at the auction, the view is absolutely spectacular!! It would make a gorgeous home site. But your current acreage is also gorgeous!

  13. love it! We know how to do it down south. i have not been muddin in years.

  14. Muddin's long as I trust the driver. LOL Great pictures and love the story. :)


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