September 10, 2009

Best Week Ever!

Last Friday, Love 89, the Christian radio station I listen too, teased all morning about how they had the scoop on the latest University of Tennessee football news. Of course I was curious about how they would get the information over some of the mega music stations, or even the talk radio station.

Unfortunately, I don't get Love 89 reception at my office, so I wasn't able to hear their big news.

The next day my mom filled me in. After some time talking to the team chaplain, the starting quarterback, Jonathan Crompton, accepted Jesus as his savior.

No wonder the other stations weren't carrying it.

Last Saturday, Crompton took to the field and threw more touchdown passes than he had throw all last season!

Do I think that God played a hand in the 63-7 victory over Western Kentucky?

Not in the least. I think UT's opponent wasn't quite up to the standard of play that the Vols are use to.

One difference Crompton's conversion could have made in the game, however, is confidence. According to my father that's one thing that he lacked last season. A confident player is a better player, and how can you be more confident than when you know without a doubt that you're a child of God?

Win or lose the rest of the season - I think its safe to say that last week proved to be the Best Week Ever! for Jonathon Crompton.


  1. Wow! That is so awesome! Did they say what pushed him to make the choice? Hopefully he'll be able to share with his teammates now and more will come to know Him!

  2. So cool! Maybe he'll be the next Tim Tebow. I am loving all these athletes being vocal about their faith!

  3. thats so awesome! hopefully he will be able to lead his teammates to Christ.

  4. Good story! I think everyone station should have told that story!

  5. It is definately a good thing to know that Christ is our Savior and to know that you are a child of God. I don't know how you could get through life without that knowledge.
    Good for him!

  6. Thats awesome!!!! Other amazing Christain athletes are Ryan and Sara Hall! They are runners who are totally sold out for the Lord! Ryan ran a 59 minute half-marathon! He ROCKS!

  7. that's really cool! passing this on to my Vols fans friends
    (say that 10 times fast!)


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