September 09, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday - Really?

Shrink for Good with the Sisterhood!

I was prepared not to lose any weight this week. This past Friday I had birthday lunch with a friend at Olive Garden - where there is nothing on the menu low cal. Even their salad has 300 calories a serving!! She felt bad for picking it, and asked if I could eat anything there, but I told her it was her birthday and what she wanted ruled the day.

Which would have been fine if I hadn't been invited to a surprise birthday party later that evening for another friend. Applebees doesn't have their calories listed online, and I don't know how to do a Weight Watchers points to calorie conversion. I just had to trust that the Daily Plate (the web site I use for tracking) was accurate.

That day I went over my calories by 300. Another day I splurged to put cheese on my salad and went over by 100. Then came the inlaws.

My mother-in-law shows her love through food. Food that's very bad for you. Knowing they were coming into town I decided that instead of losing this week my goal would be to maintain.

Chocolate covered pretzel rods can only stare at me so long before I have to try them.

Not to mention the Brewery ritual where beer, pizza and wings are considered a well rounded dinner.

You'd think I'd be scared to step on the scale wouldn't you? Well here goes.

Last week: 127
Goal weight: 125
This week: 126.6


I must have went under on calories some days or else burned some serious calories on my long run followed by a 3 hour gardening session.

Either way it definitely makes me more likely to be good at Olive Garden tonight! (I wonder if I could sneak my own dressing in and just order their salad plain?)

So, how'd you do this week? How are you doing on your running training plan? Or the EA active challenge? Have you been meeting your nutrition goals? Step on the scale the head on over to the Sisterhood to report in.


  1. I used to waitress at a restaurant and lots of people brought their own dressing and ordered the salad plain. I don't think they can tell you not to do it.

  2. YEA!!! Awesome!!

    I haven't stepped on the scale in a while...I'm slowly getting there. I'm just thrilled my pants are getting super loose (What what!!) and I'm exercising six days a week. That's a major improvement, lol.

  3. I would pretty much kill to be 126 pounds again in this lifetime! ha ha
    You are doing fabulous!!

  4. I LOVE those kinds of surprises!!! I find I'm much more in love with my scale when it says sweet things like that!

    Sounds like you had an awesome long weekend!! I had Olive Garden too ~ and it's probably a good thing I don't count calories because I'm pretty sure I woulda busted the bank!!

  5. I went to Olive Garden this weekend and ordred the salad without dressing but with ranch on the side. I "fork dipped" as I ate and used a tiny amount! I also orderd a lower cal dish and was pleased when I didn't finish it. But then went waiting for Brent's second round of never ending pasta, I ended up eating 2 breadsticks. YIKES!!!

  6. That's awesome! What a great surprise! ;p You're almost there!

  7. Way to go, Brooke!!! Sounds like your eating wasn't as bad as you though. I'm so proud of you for making such great choices!!

    I've been doing good, too. I did have a cheeseburger over the weekend, but I think all the exercise and cutting back in other ways really helped. I was nervous, though ;) The EAS is so awesome. I really look forward to it everyday! Speaking of which, I need to get off my laptop and get to my workout while Mia naps!!

    Hope you're having a great day.

    And yes, you can totally take your own dressing to the Olive Garden. I do it all the time ;)

  8. that's STINKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!! happy day to you! :) I forgot to WI today.

  9. that's amazing!!! i know what you mean about temptation and actually i got pretty mad at applebees. they don't list any nutritional info online either. WHAT A RIP! of course, doing weight watchers helps me but i did splurge in one of those little shooter desserts which was a BIG MISTAKE! i finally found the calorie count on those (300) and spent more points on them than i did my whole meal! ok vent finished.
    way to go on the loss this week, girl!!! almost there!!!!

  10. YOU ARE SO CLOSE. Wow. Great job!
    Olive Garden? I haven't been there in ages. That salad? Yum. At least you got to splurge on something tasty!

  11. Good for you - you've been working hard!

  12. Brooke, you are so close to your goal that any kind of loss is a good loss. Good for you! And yes, bring your own salad dressing- I've done it before. Or just ask for olive oil and vinegard and do it yourself at the tab;e, that way you can monitor it.

  13. You ROCK.

    And beer, pizza, and wings isn't a well rounded dinner? Since when? I KID.

  14. Way to go!!! It is nice to know you can stray a little bit here and there and still see results!! You're doing great!!

  15. Way to go Brooke - it had to be the run and all the good thoughts I am sending your way to reach your goal.

    HUGS & HONKS, Margie


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