September 02, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday - Shrinking for good

Shrink for Good with the Sisterhood!

Its weigh in day over at the Sisterhood for those of you non-sisters, we weighed in Sunday to kick off the Shrinking for Good challenge in collaboration with Weight Watcher's Lose for Good campaign.

One way I've proven to myself that I have shrank "for good" is I've moved all the size 8 pants out of my main closet. I've taken them to the guest closet, where most will go to the consignment store to be resold this fall. The others have been tucked away far in the back of the guest closet for "someday".

You know that "someday" when you're belly's supposed to get bigger? While I'm not eager for that to happen tomorrow, I know that its a choice that Jay and I will eventually make. Having plenty of friends with bebes, I know that there are several transitional phases where you're too big for your normal clothes and too small for maternity pants. Not to mention those first few post baby weeks. Okay months, I can be ambitious right?

For these two purposes, my size 8 so-comfy-they-could-be-sweats-but-no-really-their-dress-pants pants are shoved to the furthest part of my library (okay so its my junk room now. Back to that ambitious thing - I want it to be a library) closet.

So I'm done with size 8s.

Period. The end.

And this week I'm a pound closer to my goal.

Last week: 127.8
Monday: 126.8
Today: 127.0
Goal weight (for now): 125

So I went up 0.2 pounds between Monday and today. Complete fluke fluctuation, not fat gain. Aunt Flo is knocking on my door, so it makes me wonder if the 0.2 up would have really been down even more otherwise.

I've been thinking a bit about things, and have decided to stick with my 125 goal for now. When I get there, just work on maintaining. My family has said that I don't need to lose any more, and I'm going to respect their opinion - for now.

But mostly so that I can put all the focus on training for my half marathon. Running 13 miles without stopping. Along the way I'm going to have to learn how to seriously fuel my body.

My half is November 21st, so after that I can maintain my goal weight through the holidays. Stop snickering - its possible!

Then come the first of the year, and the beginning of my 2nd year of healthy living, I'll decide if its worth trying for another 5 pounds. My fitness goal for 2010 is running a 5K in under 30 minutes. Makes me glad that the new year is still several months away!

Getting back to the current challenge, since walking into the food bank with 3 pounds of food would seem pretty puny, I was soliciting ideas for how I could change it up a little.

Melissa suggested I base my donation on workouts. I've decided that my donation is gonna be part total weight loss (not the challenge, but how much I've lost since I started, 10 pounds to date) and part on how many miles i'm up to on my long runs. According to my training schedule that should be 9-10 miles.

If all goes as planned that should be 20ish pounds of food to donate. Not to shabby right?


  1. Great idea! I love that you're training for this half, I cried at the end of mine when I crossed the finish because it is a HUGE challenge and a huge milestone! No pun intended hahah! But seriously, great idea with the food, and seriously awesome that you're putting the 8's away. I can't wait to do that myself! woot!

  2. Great idea! Congrats on all of the progress you've made already!

  3. I'm so proud of you, Brooke! You really have come such a long way since you joined the Sisterhood!! I'm so excited to hear about your half marathon training as well!! Kuddos to you for jumping in and signing up!

    I love your idea for you food donation as well! Way to go!

  4. Great job! Wonderful idea! You are doing wonderful.

  5. That's an awesome idea!!! Congrats on dropping more weight...keep it up, you're so close!!!

  6. Those are great goals...I like that you kept some of the clothes you liked for "post baby" clothes...that's a great idea!

    I'm glad you came up with so many non-scale goals...I think you'll be pleasantly surprised how quickly you meet them!

  7. That's awesome. I think I have all sizes in my closet. I should pack stuff (small and big) stuff away too.

  8. Hooray for you - You are doing great!

  9. I love your idea for food donation. Good thinking, lady!
    Keep up the hard work :)

  10. Brooke, you are a rock star. I couldn't be more proud of you!!

  11. I love your positive attitude! Keep it up!!

  12. You are doing awesome, Brooke!

  13. Oh man, I have so many different sizes in my closet it's pathetic. I even still have maternity clothes, though I don't know why b/c I don't wear them anymore (thankfully they're too big but I still hang on to them for some odd reason).

    You're doing great with your weight loss goals...keep it up!!!

  14. That is so great, Brooke! You are doing so awesome!


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