September 11, 2009

Patriots Day

Please take a moment today to remember the families of those that were lost on this day 8 years ago. Hug your family today and make sure they know how much they mean to you.

I remember several things about 09/11/01 - I was at my internship at a local TV station. Ashamed of looking like a kid, I held my emotions in. I didn't let how sad I was show on the outside.

That day we went to the airport, to the local Red Cross, a house of prayer, and a school interviewing people with different points of view about the attacks.

I also remember leaving at 2:00 that day - I had soccer practice that afternoon and I didn't want to be late.

Can you believe that? I honestly didn't get the magnitude of the event.

Of course practice was canceled. A large group of students (including soccer players) were gathered at the student center watching the news on the big screen.

One of girls on the soccer team was from New York - her father was a firefighter and she was scared because she hadn't been able to get ahold of him all day. Turns out he was called to a fire on the other side of town just minutes before the attack.

My roommate was an international student from Dubai, UAE. The arabic looking international students were advised not to leave campus unless absolutely necessary for their own protection.

I remember sitting on my bunk, watching the footage of the people falling out of the buildings to their death.

I remember finally calling my parents and finally getting to talk to them that afternoon. After 3 years of college, I'd never been so home sick.

I remember the blisters on my feet - the two prior days I had been at my internship were slow news days. I assumed that Tuesday would be too, so I opted for cute shoes over sensible ones. My blisters were rubbed raw and became open sores. For a couple of weeks after that I had to wear my tennis shoes untied because the tops of my feet hurt so badly.

I remember feeling sorry for myself, because the first few days it hurt for water to touch my feet in the shower. Then being appreciative that my only wounds from that horrible day were superficial and would heal in a couple of weeks.

I remember the paranoia that followed. We had our own mini anthrax scare and everyone that was in White Hall the afternoon an empty envelope was opened had to report back, sign the log, and wash our hands.

I remember.


  1. It's been on my mind today too and I'm remembering how the day unfolded. Than

  2. Thank for sharing your account! I'm grateful that you remember!!!

  3. Thanks for this post!

    I was in college...and remember how our campus banded together, watched the news in the snack shop together, and when the bells began ringing for chapel, we all turned and began walking.

    Not because we "had" to...

    Because it's all we knew to do.

    I remember too.

  4. Wow...I love hearing the memories...

  5. It's crazy how something like that stays burned in your memory. I wrote a post recapping my memories too.

  6. I think all of us will never forget where we were and what we were doing on that fateful day. I remember I was getting ready for work when I saw it on tv and I had to be at a staff meeting. I remember praying in the car with my co-workers as we carpooled to the meeting. Such a sad day.

  7. You do remember. Your post brought back memories to my heart as well.

    Delighted to meet you sweet one. I hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you.

    Splashin' for His glory,
    Sarah Dawn

  8. I was in college when it happened and I still remember waking up turning on my t.v. and i thought it was an arnold schwarzenegger movie. I turned the channel and saw it on the next channel, so i stopped and realized what was going on. My friend came in the door and we just sat in front of the t.v. for what seems like hours.


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