September 22, 2009

Making Time

For the most part, I think people have time for the things that they are interested in. If you have a passion for it, you find a way to work it into your schedule.

Before I get a slew of emails from mothers - I'm not saying that the week you bring your infant home you can do anything you want. I understand that there are times where it just doesn't work that way.

But for the most part, on an average day I think we make time for what's important to us and forget about what's not. And I absolutely think that's the way it should be.

What I'm struggling with is how you find the will power to work what needs to be done into your schedule?

Right now my Saturdays are booked up through Thanksgiving. Not just with long runs either - but out of town activities or football games or soccer games or races.

I've had to juggle my schedule around a bit. Now I do my regular chores through the week instead of on weekends. Not all of my Sundays are booked, but honoring the 10 commandments I choose not to work on Sundays.

When does that leave time for the other pesky stuff? Like weeding the flower bed. With all that English Ivy that keeps popping up (and all this rain) its a hour or two job every couple of weeks.

Then there is the laundry. Last night, after folding and putting away 2 loads, I was exhausted and just left the last load in there. I'll turn the dryer back on tonight to try and knock some wrinkles out.

Not to mention the junk room. Its a room full of yard sale crap. Only Most of it didn't sell at my last yard sale. And due to my booked up calendar I'm not going to get to participate in the indoor community yard sale next month.

What should I do with it? Giving it away would mean taking pictures and going through the effort to being able to use it as a tax write off. Keeping it stresses me out (I want to be able to put my sewing machine in that room when Jay finally gets my table done - he's been working on it since two weeks after we got back on our honey moon.)

I'm sure you mothers are sitting back saying "just you wait"...and that's exactly why I'm not interested in children at this point in my life! I have a full enough plate. Not over flowing, but just the right amount. I have no interest in adding something else.

So instead of telling me how horrible...erm...great children are for your social calender - share with me some ideas on how to work in this crap I really don't wanna do, all while keeping house, being social, and running 20 ish miles a week.


    unless you are donating over $400 U dont have to itemize :)

  2. I was going to suggest FlyLady as well, but another tip I'm going to give you is this: don't wait to have children until you are "organized enough." It'll never happen! And no amount of organization is going to prepare you for kids anyway.

    Just like we make time during our days and weeks for the things that are top priorities, we make room in our lives as well. When you have kids, THEY will become the priority ~ housekeeping and weed-pulling, and even having a social life, will take a back seat. Sometimes you'll resent that, but most of the time, it will be by choice.

  3. I think you are right about fitting in what you really want to. My kids are grown and I work full time and it's busy! I try to do laundry in the evening, usually every other day. I get groceries every other week and plan my menus for 2 weeks so I know what we will be having for supper. I do a little bit of cleaning several days a week and try to make sure things are picked up before I go to bed.
    I have to second ValleyGirls's comment on not waiting to have kids until you are organized. :)

  4. I vote for fly lady too! Plus, I love making schedules on excel, and filling everything in from wake up to sleep. Just don't forget to include a little you time!

  5. uh, let it go?

    I honestly have similar struggles, and have found that sometimes it helps to work 10 minutes on something (like cleaning the kitchen, folding laundry, etc)

    And other times I just knock out an entire room at once.

    It depends on my mood and energy level.

    I guess I should pay attention to responses here!

  6. It is hard to balance everything sometimes, just try to do your best and maybe get up an extra half hour early and get stuff done, or ask dear hubby to help a little more.

    I'm gonna check out that flylady everyone is talking about!

  7. To be honest (for me), things like running, socializing, gardening, organizing all get thrown out the window when kids come along. Like you said, you set your priorities and do the best you can. But there are so many hours in the day so something has to go. But kids don't stay little forever, not to say they still aren't a handful. And if your kids are scheduled to the max as well, then forget about it.

  8. I found that I'm most productive in the I started going to bed a little earlier and getting up earlier. For some reason the quiet morning time is best for me chore-wise, then I have time after work for other stuff.

    And there's always my handy list (aren't you a fan of list-making?) to push me and remind me of everything I need to do!

  9. When you get the answer, will you let me know? My suggestion is prioritize what is important to you. Some things will get done, some won't, some eventually. Yeah, the stuff like laundry and weeding need to get done but if you feel like running, then run! Not much help here but life's too short to sweat the small stuff, right? Isn't that what we're told?

  10. You just have to prioritize. Decide what is most important and if one or two of the things slides to every other week, it just does. It may be hard to do that, but once things slow back down, you can get back into the normal swing of things. ;o)


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