September 16, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday - I did it!!!

Its weigh in day over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans - so hop on the scales and head on over. Then come back and join my party!!!

Shrink for Good with the Sisterhood!

This past week was rough for me - I missed a run on my training schedule. I also came in about 400 calories short for the week. Since it was a 3.5 mile run (and you burn about 100 calories per mile = 350 calories) I figured it'd be pretty much a wash.

I expected to lose this week, but since I'm so close to my goal I wasn't sure just how much.

My half marathon training program calls for the "short" runs this week to be 4 milers and a 6 mile "long" run. Using quotes of course since 4 miles doesn't seem that short and 6 miles isn't nearly as long as I will be running!

I've already done my two 4 milers this week, one Monday morning and one this morning, so I know missing that one run last week hasn't hurt me as far as that goes.

This morning I felt like a real runner. I got up at 6 AM, put on my running gear, and ran 4 miles in the rain. How's that for no excuses?

For those of you who run - how do you carry your cell phone/keys/mp3 player? My mom wants me to wear a fanny pack (with pepper spray) but I don't want to look like a total dork. Suggestions?

I suppose I've kept you waiting long enough. Time for the weigh in results (which happened post run).

Goal Weight: 125
Last Week: 126.6
Current Weight: 125.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was hoping to see that 5, but I was expecting to see a .6 or .8 after it. I'm really there!!!

Of course I'm not 100% happy with how my body look, but that's okay. Training for this marathon might thin out my legs *crosses fingers* or else afterward the first of the year I can shoot for another 5 pounds.

The important part is that 9 months ago I set out to lose weight and be more active. I set a preliminary goal weight of 130, with a ultimate goal of 125. AND I GOT THERE!!!

*pops calorie free champagne cork*

With the addition of another mile later this week, that's 2.6 pounds of food to add to the stash.


  1. Yeah!!!! I'm proud of you for your accomplishments!

    As far as your running question:
    I'm naughty and don't run with my cellphone! Brent's folks got me a fanny pack but there is no way I'm wearing one! There are special gear belts for runners that are designed to be comfy and not move. I tape my route on my water bottle, so that helps some.


  2. Congrats for meeting your goal!!!! That's great!

    As far as the cell phone/mp3 player: My mp3 player has a clip so I can clip it on. My cell phone is an issue when I don't take the stroller. My sister in law said they make special tanks/shirts for runners with a pocket to hold phones. I haven't looked into it yet, but I need to.

    Great job!

  3. Hooray, Hooray, Hooray!
    Congratulations for making it to your goal!

  4. YIPPEE! Partying in Ohio for you Brooke! That's friggin' awesome!!! Go you!

    As far as the running 4 miles...rock on sister...rock.on!!!

  5. dude that's AMAZING!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!! And yes, that is awesome, 6 a.m. in the rain, you go with your badass self!

    My zoots that i wear under my shorts have a little pocket in the back that fits my cellphone. But what i REALLY want is a SPI Belt (google it). it's like a teeny tiny belt with a pocket and it fits things runners need. it's way cooler than a hip pack.

    my water bottle belt has a pocket on it too that i use if i run with my water bottle belt. (it's a belt with two small water bottles that fit into it, in florida you really can't run without it.) Ipod is in a holder on my arm.

    anyhoo, those are my ideas. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'll take some calorie-free champagne please!

  6. Woohoo!!! WTG!!! Awesome job girl! You set a goal and reached it!!!

    I'm bad and don't lock my house when I go on a run...but if I go somewhere else, I do lock my car, and I just take the key to my door and tie it on my shoe lace so I don't have to carry it. I have a clip for my MP3 player, so that isn't an issue, and I hold my cell.

    Go, Brooke, go!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS! That is so awesome - you have done fantastic!

    I am not in running shape just yet, but hope to get there one day myself.

    Party on, Brooke! You deserve it!

  9. Brooke,
    I am so unbelievably proud of you. Seriously! You have done an amazing job. You are a RUNNER!! And you weigh 125 pounds! WOWOW!!!!!

    You totally deserve to celebrate with your no-calorie champagne! Live it up, girl!

  10. HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DID AWESOME~~~~~~~

  11. Way to go! You are such an inspiration.

  12. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You've worked so hard ~ you really do deserve this victory!! Way to go!

  13. Brooke,

    CONGRATS!!!!!! I am so proud of you and I am raising my glass of non-calorie, fat free champagne up in your honor. Your 125 lbs AND you are a runner- woot, woot!

    Lisa/Shrinking Jeans

  14. Way to go! That is awesome as can be! YAY for you!

  15. YAY!!! Wow, you must feel great. Proud of you GIRL!

  16. Yeah!!!! Congratulations!! It must have been such a good feeling when you saw that number on the scale!!

  17. That is so awesome. I'm so happy you met your goal - you worked hard for it.

  18. Congratulations!!! I knew you could do it!

  19. BROOKE!!! I am so excited for you!! CONGRATS!!! =D

    I actually weighed myself yesterday. I "lost" one pound. I'm counting it as lost weight but gained muscle. I can visibly see it, and I had a student tell me, "You've really slimmed down! Not that you were fat or anything..." Yeah, thanks. LOL! But it did make me feel good.

  20. sent you some bloggy love at my blog. fyi! !

  21. Congratulations Brooke - that's so exciting! Be proud of yourself - you did what you set out to do. An amazing accomplishment. Those last pounds can be so hard to lose - I know!

  22. whoooo baby! 125 is a beautiful weight... and I completely agree about the fiber 1 bars.

  23.!!! I always knew you'd get there! I'm so so so so so proud of you!! So proud!

  24. Your goal weight??? What an accomplishment. Congrats!

  25. Now that is cause for celebration! Good for you:)

  26. Congratulations! Now I just need to put the brownies away and bring out the veggies. lol


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