January 15, 2009

Domestic Diva

This past weekend, Mr. Right had to work, but I went out with some friends to celebrate a couple's birthday (his was the 8th, hers was the 13th). Plans for the evening included dinner at a Japanese steakhouse followed by an 80s cover band concert.

Since he and I are on a tight budget, I felt guilty for spending $30 on dinner for myself. I could have saved $6 by getting chicken instead, but then I would have been wasting $24 on a meal I didn't enjoy.

I decided to go ahead and splurge and get the steak. The meal came with a chicken broth soup as well as a salad before the main course was served. I ate all of my veggies (with the help of some dipping sauce) before my steak and rice were done. By the time he served me my steak, I could only eat a few bites.

I was surprised at how much I had left to take home with me, and decided that I could make an entire meal for me and Mr. Right out of it. I got teased a little - because how can you make 3 meals out of 1?

I told them that I would get a bag of stir-fry veggies, boil them, and add them to the leftovers to make a complete meal. If that weren't enough, I would also serve salad with the meal. Thankfully, the birthday girl suggested I saute the veggies instead, and a meal plan was created.

What does this have to do with TILT? I officially love Kroger brand stir-fry veggies now.


I sauteed them in butter, then added the leftovers to get the rice and steak warmed up. Supper was delicious!! I asked Mr. Right what he thought of having it in the future, maybe with teriyaki chicken next time instead of steak. He actually suggested that we just have the veggies and rice.

For a couple anti-veggie eaters, to create a meal solely around veggies (and teriyaki sauce of course) that's a great product! Not to mention a good price - they frequently go on sale $1 each. If I made 2 cups of rice and used two bags of frozen veggies we'd have $2.54 in the meal and plenty left to take for lunch the next day.

Now to price teriyaki sauce at the store...

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  1. Awesomme!! I love when I can make a meal out of leftovers!!!

  2. How cool! I do love when veggies go down to $1.. and then I have a $1 coupon, cheap is great, but free is even better! Nice job using your leftovers!

  3. Sounds delish! I wish we had more variety in the restaurants where I live.

  4. Good for you! My husband will eat any vegetable stir fried. It makes it so much better!

  5. Just had to say hi to someone who sees the third highest peak in TN...yep, I"m a real friend of Jules...enjoy your view!

  6. You showed such remarkable self-control! If I spend the money, I'm darn well eatin' the steak!! Great re-use of it though ~ my stomach is growling...

  7. Awesome idea! We love to eat a place here just like that. But they serve the meat portion before the veggies. But I could make a meal on the rice alone. It so yummy! Glad you had a good time. Every now and then you need to splurge. Don't feel guilty.

  8. oh yyeah I am ALWAYS making something outta nothing...lol...I have been married 18 years though so I have LOTS of practice...I am follwoing you now :)

    We LOVE kroger veggies in our house! love that 10 for $10 price..

    My family's fave meal? 2 cups rice - 1 lb hamburger 1 can diced tomatoes and 1 bag of veggies (whatever you want) seasoned with salt pepper garlic...

    fry up the beef...then add tomatos veggies rice and 1/4 cup water...put a lid on it and turn it off ..take the lid off when the rice is done (10 minutes?)



  9. This looks great! I'd love to have you bring a recipe to my Tasty Tuesday blog party one day! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Look at you all newlywed and domestic!! We love making stir fry around here, but I never thought of using leftovers to do it.


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