January 19, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Okay this'll be a quick one since its a holiday...and i'm in sweats watching it snow outside!!!! (no accumulation yet).


Chili Mac (hamburger helper)

Sure I could be more adventurous on my day off, but why? I told Mr. Right what we were having for the week and he picked this for today.

Chicken Fettichini Alfredo

I love tuna helper. I can't remember why I add chicken to tuna helper, rather than buying the chicken helper. But there is a reason, I promise.


Christmas leftover ham

Out of the freezer of course. I'm gonna put it on buns, and toast them with cheese. Will probably do green beans and a boxed potato with it.



A friend gave me this recipe to try and this'll be our first time around with it

1 large can of tamales
1 can of corn
1 can of chili

top tamales with corn and chili, then cover with cornbread and bake.


our veggisaurus meal for the week

Rice & green peppers

A variation of Italian Pork Chop Dinner. Last time we had it, Mr. Right said that he would like it just as well without the meat, so we'll try it out.

My guess is that he'll be hungry just a few hours later, but we'll see.

For more menu plans, check out Org Junkie's site.

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  1. Yum! I love how your meals are tasty and quick! Tonight is leftovers but tomorrow is stuffed shells!!!! I've never made them before but will assemble them tonight and bake tomorrow. I'm excited/nervous about it!
    ~ Katie


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