January 20, 2009

Snow Day!!

Okay not really.

I had yesterday off because of the MLK holiday.

But I treated it like a snow day. :)

I'm particpating in an indoor yard sale on the 31st of this month, so I spent yesterday morning pricing rummage. I had already gathered it and put it in the "junk room" (note to self: do NOT let that name stick - I want it to be my library), so all that was left was trying to figure out how much it would see for.

Mr. Right said I priced most everything too low. If that's the case - great! It means I won't have a problem getting rid of it.

While he was still in bed I did my Kathy Smith "Latin Rythm workout" tape. I knew he'd make fun of it if he saw it. And sure enough he did.

I spent the rest of the day curled up on the couch reading - I started and finished two books yesterday. It was heaven. I had my window open so I could see the snow fall, had on my flannel pants and a sweatshirt, and was wrapped up in my blanket.

After talking to my parents, they said to call my niece who's 4 1/2. She had called them asking "is there snow in your city?"

I called and when my sister picked up I asked to speak to the Princess.

"do you have snow in your city"

and she starts telling me about how they had a snow day and she made a pig snowman...

(my sister) "ask her if she had a snow day."

"did you have a snow day today aunt buoy?"

"no I had an MLK day."

"no, she had a mlgay day. mama what's an mlgay day?"

As I was fixing hamburger helper for dinner (Mr. Right's request), I told him that he needed to make about $300K a year so we could afford private health insurance for him (think about how expensive yours is, then add a major blood disorder). When he did, I'd quit my job and be a stay at home wife.

I'd have to make monthly trips to K-ville, to the used bookstore though. I can just imagine my day:

Wake up. Do my "you're never going to be that skinny" workout video. Curl up on the couch with a book.

Heat him soup for lunch.

Read another book that afternoon.

Then cook dinner and do dishes.

Read another book that evening.

That'd be the life!

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  1. I have a Kathy Smith workout DVD that I only do when Brent isn't around, otherwise I'd get the same kind of comments!!
    - Katie


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