January 30, 2009

Yard sale!!!


Its safe to say I’m a little excited. I’m hoping for around $100 or so (I’ve got no big ticket items to sale), but the hubs is wanting closer to $200. I think maybe we’ll make that much if I sell absolutely everything I’m taking for what we’re asking for it.

Let me back away from the excitement for a moment and explain how I’m having a yard sale in January – in 30 degree weather. Twice a year our Civic Center holds a “Second Time Around” sale – an indoor yard sale. Booths are 8 X 8 and cost $15 to rent.

Last fall, I wasn’t able to participate because it was just a couple weeks before the wedding. The particular Saturday of the sale, I was picking up my wedding dress, along with attending a shower in my honor later in the day.

Since I moved into the house, I’ve had a pile of stuff in our library (aka the 3rd bedroom aka the junk room). Quite frankly I’ll just be glad to get the stuff out of the house. A lot of the stuff would have been donated to a thrift store any way.

Also, its not like my time is all that valuable. I gathered the stuff as we both moved (and would have done so any way if donating), it only took me an hour or so to price – which I did on MLK Jr. day. (I spent the rest of that day reading a book). The only think I’m missing out on is a day of cleaning the house, and the dirt will still be there when I get home tomorrow afternoon.

As Americans, most of us have “stuffitis” and keep way too much stuff. What’s the point really? Sell it!

In my area, the consignment stores are starting to make appointments for spring merchinice, so if you’re going to prune your closet the time is now!

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  1. Eeeee! I found your blog!

    Best of luck with the indoor yard sale - great idea! Wish I had something like that here!

    Love you!


  2. I LOVE holding garage sales (except for the few creepy people that seep in with the normal ones, lol). I always rack up with $$$! (Okay, maybe $100 to $150, but you get the idea!)

  3. I love yard sales! I hope you do very well! We are suppose to have one this Spring.
    We wanted to go to Dollywood this year but with the finances the way they are at the moment it might not happen...fingers crossed I'll get that way sometime.

  4. I love the indoor yard sale idea! I miss yard sales in the winter! I hope you get plenty of cash.

  5. Good luck with your yard sale. And thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog.

  6. good luck with your yard sale, glad to find your blog

  7. How'd it go? I loved garage sales as a kid, but I didn't realize how much work they were!

  8. Ooh I love yard sales! How much did you make? Thanks for visiting my blog btw, and for the words of encouragement!!!


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