October 27, 2009

Answered Prayer

Remember my messy car? And how I couldn’t decide on paying someone to clean it up or forcing myself to find the time in my schedule to take care of it?

Well then in that case go here.

Its okay, I’ll wait.

Now that you’re up to speed – God answered my question for me! Isn’t He awesome!

I guess Realized how badly it was bothering me and irritating me at my husband – the messy offender. He got sick of how filthy my car was.

Sunday morning heading to church, Jay and I had to drive separately (yet another blessing from above) because he was meeting clients immediately afterward.

So I’m driving down the road, chilling to the worship music on the radio, sipping my homemade iced coffee* (in a Starbucks cup from several months ago). Apparently I was holding it by the lid instead of the cup because as I was returning it to the cup holder, the lid gave way God smacked the coffee cup right out of my hand.

My first thought - “Is this God telling me that my car is so bad that cleaning it on Sunday would be like getting my ox out of a ditch?”

Pursuing that thought, I tried to come up with a time Sunday afternoon that I could clean it. After church, I was going out to lunch with my family. Then meeting back up with Jay to go to Cades Cove and do my 10 mile run (more on that tomorrow – complete w/pictures).

I ended up not getting home till 7:30, then there was the post run desalting (aka a shower), then lunch packing, etc. Apparently the ox would have to stay in a ditch another day.

Monday night, I had girl’s night with friends, so that was out of the question. It was only a matter of time until the heavy whipping cream started to sour in my car.

So I had my answer – God wanted me to pay someone to clean my car.

Or else I finally had a good excuse to pay someone. Jay offered to clean it, but when I pointed out that we didn’t have any shampoo for the seat or floor mats, he quickly gave in.

And it looks gorgeous. $30 well spent.

Maybe dude is struggling financially and my $30 is going to help him out. Maybe I needed to appreciate my husband’s hard work more, and realizing that $30 was a luxury we could afford was a good lesson to me. Or maybe it was all coincidence.

I’ll thank God tonight just in case – it surely couldn’t hurt anything.

*Iced Coffee Recipe

1 cup chilled coffee

1 tbsp heavy whipping cream (am going to try half and half to save calories – I’ll let you know)

1 tsp coffee syrup (I use zero calorie, splenda sweetened)



  1. haha! It is funny how God works! Good for you for finally getting it cleaned. Now that hard part is keeping it like that :-)

  2. I'm glad you got it taken care of and feel good about spending the $. :)

  3. Isn't God awesome!! I would love to have my car cleaned but it keeps raining.

  4. Funny how it works out =)

    So trying your iced coffee recipe!

  5. Awesome! I make iced coffee with just regular old coffee creamer (flavored usually) so that I don't have all the calories of the whipping cream...but that does sound pretty amazing.

    Also--here's a tip! I freeze coffee so that I have coffee ice cubes. That way there's no watering down when they melt!

  6. SO trying that coffee recipe! Glad your car is finally clean! ;)

  7. Yeah - you needed to get that done! And now everyone is happy!


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