October 21, 2009

Parade of Cans

Shrink for Good with the Sisterhood!

I ended the challenge this weekend at my maintenance weight - then pigged out.  First at my BIL's 40th birthday party, then traveling home the next day.  I weighed Monday to see the damage, but it didn't show up until today.

I'm up 2 pounds from this weekend.  While I'm sure its not 2 pounds of fat, its a good motivator for me.  I need to focus on eating well, especially as my race gets closer.  Never mind the IHOP I'm eating for breakfast now, its leftovers and we all know I'm too cheap to let good food go to waste. 

I'm taking this moment (the pancakes are now in my belly) to say that I will be more dedicated hence forward.  I have to be.   I need the nutrition for my runs and I worked too hard to let my progress slip away.

Now for the moment you've been waiting for...

Since I only started out with 2 pounds until maintenance, I decided to do a pound of food for every mile I increased my long run.  Since that would look a little puny, I added a pound for every mile in my long run.  So you have two pounds of weight loss and nine pounds of long run.

Those are all foods I already had around the house.  I had a ton of white pasta stockpiled, so when I started my healthy living I couldn't bear to throw it all out.  I figured this challenge was the perfect way to get rid of it!

How did you do this challenge?  Head over to the Sisterhood and link up so I can check out your cans!!


  1. I love your plan! And good for you passing the food on! Meantime, I laughed, picturing you literally talking to us in the computer in between bites of pancake. hahahahaha!

  2. What a fabulous idea! I might do that in Ruston!

  3. Good job, kiddo - and pass the syrup!!

  4. Great time to pass on the pasta! Good job!

  5. Pancakes? Really?!! Sounds YUM!

    Your cans look awesome, Brooke! I'm so proud of you for doing so well with your running and maintaining! YOU ROCK!!!!! Just step away from the pancakes, m'kay? :P

  6. Great donations...we'll get a good start on the next challenge! At least we know why we're up....

  7. Awesome!!! That's a great way to clean out the pantry for a good cause :-)

  8. Great idea! You are doing a wonderful job!! So proud of you. I fell off the Shred wagon before I even really got on. Now with baseball coming up...ugh!!!

  9. Oh wow! I wish you great success in your weight loss goals. I hope to have the same success. Holidays are fast approaching, scary isn't it? lol

  10. IHOP? Really? ;o)

    Great idea about your donation! I love it!

  11. Oh IHOP, how I miss thee. I can only imagine how yummy those pancakes tasted......

    Awesome plan!

  12. Oh my gosh, IHOP pancakes are awesomey and devilly all at the same time. Don't even get me started on their syrups...

    Don't sweat the gain. It happens to the best of us.

    Congrats with the OVERALL loss and with the mileage increase. Great job!


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