October 08, 2009

Hallmark's 10

Lora has a great list that Hallmark should take note for her Thursday's Ten blog.

I'm not quite that creative, but I'll give it a go. Cards that Hallmark has overlooked:

1) Happy Birthday to my Mother-in-Law - you're not my mother so I'm not going to put a lot of effort into this card. If you're son is too lazy to care what kind of card you get, why should I?

2) Happy birthday you, a guy I've only been out on a few dates with. Or was it just friendly gatherings? Yeah, whatever, happy birthday dude.

3) (Serious one) Happy grandparents day - grandpa! (I looked and looked for Jay's Papa a card and found ones that said "to my grandmother" and "to my grandparents". Guess they don't expect old grandpa to outlive grandma.

4) Happy bosses day! (Even though you forgot administrative professionals day.)

5) Happy Anniversary to my wonderful parents - I'm constantly amazed that you never divorced.

6) You're Having twins! (I'll be sure to add you to my permanent prayer list.)

7) Happy birthday to the boss's wife. I promise, he didn't ask us to take you to lunch. Even if we barely know you we thought of it ourselves.

8) Congratulations on your engagement. I have no doubt you'll make it - even if everyone else is just giving you 6 months.

9) Happy Fall Festival! We won't call it Halloween because that's a pagan holiday - throwing a seasonal name on it will make celebrating on the 31st not sinful!

10) I'm sorry I don't want to be your facebook friend. No matter how many times you ask. So please leave me alone. And no, this card isn't an attempt on my part to connect with you.

There you have it! I hope I was able to make you chuckle a little. If not, give it a whirl yourself then head to Lora's and link up!!


  1. Those are awesome!! My friend works at Hallmark and we always think of cards that they should make. For example, one time a father came in looking for a card for his daughter "who had just become a woman that day". Apparently hallmark makes no "Congratulations! You're Menstruating" cards. So my friend directed him in the direction of the sympathy cards! LOL!

    Also, have you ever seen those Willow Tree angels? We also come up with new ones that they should make. After that event, we decided they should make "Angel of the Tampon"

    Ha ha ha!

  2. HAHAHA!!! Those are awesome! You are so imaginative! I think I have to link over to her site to see what others have come up with too!

  3. Thanks for the plate, throwing it made me feel better! And #4 really has happened to me before not once but twice with the same boss!

  4. Love them!

    Thanks for playing along :0)

  5. HA!!! Loved the mother in law one

  6. I like this! There seems to be card for everything/everyone these days.

  7. HAHA these were hilarious! I esp. like the MIL one. :)

  8. And you say you aren't creative??? Those were awesome...I was laughing out loud!!!

    I especially love the twins one...I could've used all the prayers I could get!!


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