October 28, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday - Happy Shrinkaversary!!!

Shrink-a-Versary Challenge with the Sisterhood!

Looks like we're gonna be celebrating the 1st anniversary of the Sisterhood in style! Today is the first day of the new challenge, so be sure to weigh-in and link up.

I'm excited about the new fitness challenge because its one that I can actually hold my own in - we're gonna be logging mileage ladies!! That challenge doesn't actually begin for another week and a half, but considering I'm logging 21 miles this week - and my mileage will only grow between now and the 21st I think I'll manage okay in this challenge.

While I'm gone on vacation (Nov. 5th - 13th), I'm scheduling blogs so that you guys won't miss me too much.  Those of you that only visit on Wednesdays, what would you like to see in place of my typical weigh in post? 

Now I'm gonna pick your brains - any one have any maintenance experience/wisdom? 

I'm currently eating about 1800 calories, 2,000 on the weekend.  I know that probably sounds like a lot, but with the activity level I'm at, I should be at 2350 for maintenance using the Harris Benedict formula.  I understand that its not a one-size fits all formula, but I expected to be closer to that.

What do you all think could be the problem? 

Do you think that my body is just too use to the exercises that I'm doing?

I went to the "Super Class" at the gym last night.  Twice a year they do a two hour class, giving a sampling of every class they offer.  After a warm up, we did step, step & strike, kick boxing, cardio on the bosu ball, ab work, leg & arm strength training, and finished up with 15 minutes of yoga.

I'll just tell you that class kick my rear. 

Combine that with my running buddy's knee injury (from an inbalance of muscles) makes me wonder if I should go harder on my cross training.  From all I've read its very common for runners to get injured because their quads aren't as strong as their hamstrings.

The gym also offers a spin class - so I'm thinking that I'll do at least one spin or aerobics class once a week.  Do you think that'll help?

What suggestions do you guys have?  I either wanna lose more weight (120 would be nice) or be able to eat more at maintenance.  It might not be possible, but I'm sure gonna try!!


  1. I think it's always good to switch it up and add variety. It's so easy for your body to get used to something and remain stagnant.

    Surprisingly the napkins weren't hard at all. Just make sure you used one of the wooden circle things to hold the fabric taunt.

  2. Okay, I'm really glad you told me about the need for runners to get muscles, because I was seriously considering not doing my strength/stretch routine this week. And my ankle has been hurting for the past few days. Probably because I missed it last week, too. Fabulous.

  3. I think switching it up is a fabulous idea. You should definitely try it.

    You are going to rock the new fitness challenge!

  4. you will TOTALLY rock this new miliage challenge!!!

  5. Brooke, I can totally see you taking the new fitness challenge down, Sister!

    On the running, it's good to know that cross-training is important. As a completely naive newbie, I really need to do some research before I take it any further!

    On the calories, I think it's just going to be a game. You'll have to adjust each week to figure out what works for you. That's one thing I'm really not looking forward to with maintenance. It almost seems like it will be harder than losing was in the first place!

    I hope you have a MARVELOUS week, girl!

  6. Brooke,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

    I agree with what others said, switching up will help because muscles get used to the same ole thing.

    Maybe we can have some friendly competition with the mileage to help keep me going. Good luck! :)

  7. P.S. - I just realized you're from Tennessee too, where?

  8. I'm not a fan of Harris Benedict (at work anyway). And another awesome thing about muscles...the amount of lean muscle mass you have determines how many calories your body burns at rest! YEAHHHH! Pump that iron baby! Haha, you're definitely my workout inspiration.

  9. Switching up would be a great idea! Other than that You've got me! Keep up the great work though. You are such an inspiration to all of us!!!

  10. It sounds like you're doing well but yeah I think switching it up a bit, whether it's in your daily calorie intake or exercise. Your body gets too used to a routine and then things slow down.

  11. Switching things up is never a bad idea. I think that's a great idea!

    As far as your calories. I think it all depends on what YOU want to do. If you're happy where you're at, go into maintaining, if you want to try for 120, go for it!

  12. Good luck...I am so impressed with how far you've come with running since I first joined the Sisterhood!

    The calories are a total number game for me, hope you find that sweet spot!


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