October 20, 2009

Better Late than...

According to Never Say Diet (a blog I check out on a daily basis), yesterday started National Fat Talk Free week.

Even though we'll be getting a late start, I want to encourage you to give it a try.  Remember my "no negative self talk" challenge? I'll tell ya, it was hard. 

Hard, but worth it.

For the sake of your daughters.

For the sake of your marriage.  (It has to be frustrating to men to have to build us up all the time only to watch us tear ourselves down.)

For the sake of your own well being.

If you can't love yourself, at least stop the hatin.


  1. i agree, you're so right. ok, only positive talk -- starting ------ NOW!

  2. count me in!! :) silver lining.. here we come!!

  3. so incredibly true, and so incredibly hard!

  4. So good! If we tell ourselves, we'll start to believe it, so we might as well focus on the positive!

  5. Super hard challenge! But a good one. :)


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