October 29, 2009

Thursday's Ten - Halloween Costumes

I've never been all that creative when it comes to Halloween costumes.  My mom was the time that would throw something together and call us a gypsie.  Some of my costumes have been more creative than that, and some just fell flat...

10. Last year I went to a "famous singers" themed party. 

So I curled my hair, but put on too much makeup and went as J-Lo. The effort is lost since you can't see the velour track pants in the picture.  Or not.

9. Cowgirl is a common one that I do.  I've got the boots and the hat.  Its too easy.

8. Then there was that time I went as Laura from Little House on the Prairie. 

Oops...wrong holiday - that was Easter.

7.  I had a horrible cut/color experience last October that left me looking like Elivra...

6. Then there was that time my sister and I got into my mom's makeup case and used her pink lipstick to draw a star and the words "Jem" on our faces.

5.  I've been known to dress as a runner a time or two...

4. Or don a football jersey (with my dad)

3. One year, I borrowed my dad's pants, wore my throwback Lou Gehrig jersey, wrist bands, chain and padlock around my neck,  and went as WWE Superstar John Cena.

Everyone thought I was Eminem.

2. I had a brief stint as a UT Vol cheerleader (That's my dad again - back in the day he was a dead ringer for Earl Hickee)

But my #1 all time best costume ever, was the year I went as Cowboy David.  My aunt had recently married a guy named David.  He wasn't a cowboy, but a music minister for a Baptist church.  Not sure where I came up with that one.  As we were scanning in the pictures for the wedding - Jay commented on how cute I was in my minnie mouse dress "but who's that little boy."

PS - The one in the dress is my sister.


  1. Love it!! I think my a favorite ones were the last minute hobo that my mom threw together and Raggety Ann complete with red and white tights and red yarn hair.

  2. Those are funny...love the mustache!

  3. This was so funny!! I laughed at nearly every number...except am I the only one who loves the pic where you say you're Elvira!? It's hot!

  4. he he he. YOU are that little boy, I get it!

  5. LOL! No seriously, I was really laughing out loud. We really ARE the same kind of creative when it comes to costumes.

    I could sooooo post my Laura Ingalls Wilder pictures too...

  6. Lots of Vol cheerleaders around here! Have a great Halloween.

  7. Those are hilarious! I love the last picture and story behind i t!!!

  8. Cowboy David is my favorite! Lucky for Jay that you grew out of that phase.

  9. That was fun! Great pictures!


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