October 14, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday - Um...okay

Shrink for Good with the Sisterhood!

My weight and my eating habits have been all over the place this week. I've been doing a church drama immediately after work since Wednesday. They've been providing dinner and snacks so I'm at their mercy.

I've been leaving myself 800-900 calories to cover myself - but then for dinner one night they served chili dogs and nachos then animal crackers and brownies for snack. Having said that...

Last week's weight:126.2
Monday's weight (post run): 123.8
This week's weight: 126.6

Looking at the Harris Benedict formula I should be able to eat around 1850 calories a day and still lose one pound a week. Right now I'm shooting for that number and just maintaining.

That means one of two things:

1) my metabolism is way off what this formula thinks it should be
2) i'm not working hard enough during my exercise sessions
3) i'm not doing a good enough job tracking during maintenance.

My guessing #3. So from here on out I'm going to resolve to be more dedicated. 1850 and not a calorie more. Okay so maybe fueling for my long run I'll spot myself a couple hundred extra, but I'm up to a 9 mile long run so I think that's reasonable.

Now its time to head on over to the Sisterhood and see how everyone else did this week.


  1. You did good - you are maintaining and that's a big thing!

  2. I still think you're being too hard on yourself. There's no way you'll ever perfectly and consistently maintain EXACTLY 125.0 pounds!! There will always be fluctuation from week to week ~ I think you're maintaining your goal weight very admirably!

  3. You're running 9 miles? WOW!!!!! I agree with Valley Girl, your weight is going to fluctuate some from week to week, as long as you don't see it go consistently UP, then you should be golden!

  4. Way to go with the long runs, and for helping out at church!

    I would blame the gain on the hotdogs...they swell me up too!

  5. I quit getting on the scale. As long as I can fit into my size 6 pants, I'm a happy camper. ;) Good luck with this week. I'm so proud of how far you've come! The whole fact that you're maintaining is pretty stinking awesome.

  6. Fluctuation is totally normal! Eating "off track" for a few days won't put pounds (of fat) on - fluid, sure, but not fat! And I can say that with confidence because I took 6 biochemistries for my nutrition degrees =)

    You have a killer workout and a pretty consistent diet, that in itself is AWESOME

  7. wow, up to nine miles already!! How does that feel??? You ROCK!! I remember when you were just running 3.. it feels so long ago!

    Wow, seeing that 123 number mustve been exciting too! 126 is pretty great maintenance though!

  8. I know you're a little disappointed this week but I agree with ValleyGirl. Your weight will fluctuate from week to week and it's nice to indulge in those little treats from time to time. You exercise hard and you eat well so you'll be able to drop those 2 pounds in no time.

  9. 9 miles? Ohmygoodness! I agree with some of the other comments. You have a fabulous exercise program and great diet. You'll see a slight fluctuation on a weekly basis but as long as it's not always going up-up-up you're golden. You are amazing. I hope you realize that. :)


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