October 07, 2009

Holding Steady

Shrink for Good with the Sisterhood!

I'm doing okay holding steady around my goal weight - this week I'm at 126.2. That's a non-run weight (I'm running today at lunch) so I expected it to be a little higher.

For me now, its all about non-scale victories...and set backs. I've had each this week.

First off let me say, even though I'm in a crappy mood, I'm feeling skinny today. Amazing what a pair of pants that actually fit you can do!

Late last week I went shopping for birthdays and Christmas, and tried on a few pairs of pants along the way. While it varies from brand to brand - I bought my first pair of 4s this week! I'm officially a J. Crew 4 and a Gap 4. We'll not talk about the other stores.

My set back this week (as most of them usually are) was/is mental. Jay and I were going over our calendar for the next couple of months. He's got clients coming into town and wanted to know which weeks were off limits - ones that he had prior commitments that he couldn't break.

I told him about a few parties that we're invited too, that he could miss if he had to work. Then I told him the two weekend dates that were off limits - November 5-11th (our anniversary trip) and November 21st (my half marathon).

"I know better than to set up any showings our anniversary week, but I'll just have to see about if I can make it to the half marathon or not."

My jaw dropped to the floor.

"Um, no. There is no seeing. I want you there."

"Well I'm not going to turn down a chance to make money. Besides you're not doing this race for me."

Please let me say first that he's self employed - a real estate salesman. He's able to set his own hours. Also, (I'm not trying to brag, just explain why this is so upsetting) he's already made the money we need to live on this year. He could not make another dime this year and we'd be good.

So me asking him to put aside one day. Not even that - one morning, isn't really asking all that much.

It really hurts my feelings that watching me cross the finish line of my half marathon isn't a priority for him.

I've talked to my parents, and they plan on being there so at least I'll have pictorial evidence of my half to share with you guys.

So anyway, that's my week. How did yours go? Did you shrink? Be sure to head over to the Sisterhood and let us know all about it!


  1. Aw, I'm sorry about the half-marathon. I hope he realizes how important his presence is for you.

  2. Oooo, ouch. Funny how it's always the ones closest to us who hurt us the most ~ and most often, they don't even realize it! I think if you're honest with him, tell him how much his presence there would mean to you, and point out that the need for money isn't really there, that he'll change his mind.

    Congratulations on the pants-size!! What an awesome feeling!

  3. OH guys just don't get it sometimes :( sorry he hurt your feelings this way! hopefully in the next few weeks he'll realize what he's done & change his tune.

  4. I totally understand. My hubby missed my first 5K (not really his fault, though), and I was so sad about it! I kept thinking he was going to surprise me at the finish line. =( But for a halfie??!! Yeah, he'd be sleeping outside if he missed that!!

  5. Ah...another "he just doesn't get it" moment...hopefully it passes soon and he realizes how much it would mean to you to have him there!

  6. first, congrats on the non-scale victories! 4's, that's awesome!!!!

    i know what you mean about husband not being excited about your event. i feel like i work so hard and when i am finished, i want people to be there when i do! some people in my life just have not been interested and/or thought it was as big a deal as me and it kills me every time! i think you need to stand your ground, and if you want him there to support you, by goodness he should be there! so there!

  7. He better not miss it!

    Maybe he'll read all our comments and change his mind ;)

    Yay for size 4!!! My mom was a size 8 and she has been working her tail off to lose weight...last weekend I begged her to try on my jeans (size 4) and they fit and she looked hot! So we were all dancing around! Haha size droppin' is a great feeling!

  8. You totally rock on the pants!! WAY TO GO!!! Let Jay know is a nice way, if there is one, how disappointed you feel, how you feel his has let you down. Lay that guilt trip on him, I bet he comes around.

  9. Oh, Brooke. I know how you feel. Seriously, men are missing a critical part of the brain. It's called the common sense lobe. It's real, and it's really missed from most men. I promise. I honestly wouldn't take it personally, instead I would calmly explain to him why it's important. Keep your emotions out of it. I'm sure the lightbulb will go off in his head, and he'll tell you he had no idea it meant so much. I've been in the same situation with my husband so many times.

    Big hugs!!!

    Congrats on the size 4s!!! WOOT!! I'm sliding into 8s right now, and that's making me really happy, too. Who ever thought *I* might actually be a size 6 :)

  10. Awesome on the size 4's...way to go skinny minnie!

    That sucks about the half...hopefully he'll think it thru and realize you need him there. Yes you are doing it for you, but he gets to enjoy you for that much longer and in a better way because you are working so hard at being healthy.

    If some of us lived closer...we'd be there cheering you on!

  11. Aw Brooke, I know how you feel. I asked my husband to come to my 5k a few weeks ago and he opted for football.
    Was. Not. Happy.
    Chin up, girlfriend. You'll rock it out! Running angry helps me go faster!

  12. I think I'm shrinking. I'm trying really hard to cut pop from my diet. I'm a totally pepsi addict. In the last 9 days I've only had one, and it was four days ago. I felt super skinny yesterday!

    I'm sorry about your hubby saying he might not go to watch you. I know that would hurt my feelings, too. Talk to him about it.

  13. Gotta love those skinny feeling days. Size 4 is awesome! Sorry to hear about the half marathon conflict. I'm sure he'd be there in spirit...sometimes boys don't think enough.

  14. Size 4?? Seriously? AMAZING! Great work, girl!

    Tell that man his ass better be at your 1/2 or I will come pop him in the face. ;p

  15. Yeah, I'd be pissed too. That is a major accomplishment he just poo-pooed on.

    Congrats on the pants size. That's awesome!!

  16. Okay, the lightbulb has officially went on and I realize how important this is to you. I will be there! Rain or shine, I will watch you cross the finish line. That was an incredibly corny rhyme, but oh well!


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