January 22, 2010

I totally Rock!

or not. 

Most of my regular readers know that there are few days that I actually think that.  However today's Monday project is all about how awesome I am.  Well my Monday project is at least.

Rethink Your Shrink, The Monday Project

This past Monday we were challenged to think up 5 reasons we totally rock.

I knew going in this would be the hardest projected to date.  Okay so we've only had 3 assignments given.  I can promise you, in 10 projects from now, I'll still say this is the hardest. 

Sure - I can come up with 5 reasons you totally rock without even blinking.  But me?

I threatened to copy of someone else's homework, so I've got to be original and churn this out early before they think that's what I actually did.

1. I enjoy making people feel good about themselves.

Most of the time it doesn't take much.  Like telling a friend that you totally love the way she put that outfit together.  Sometimes it requires stepping out of the box - like having the courage to tell the lady racing in front of you that she has killer calves.  Seeing the look on her face, having someone compliment a part of her body she's always hated - it was totally worth taking the risk. 

2. I'm rock solid.

Not everwhere mind you, I still have some parts that are too squishy for my liking.  Jay might have been flattering me, but he told me the other night that he couldn't tell where my ribs stopped and my ab muscles began because my abs were so hard.  He was probably trying to flatter me, but he's right.  They are scary hard!

I also couldn't help but noticelast night while I was doing yoga - butt in the air, feet near my head, shoulders on the ground - that my hamstrings are rock hard.

#3 was going to be how awesome I was that I could do this pose.  So when Jay got home I got down on the ground to show him.  He was super impressed.  So much so that he tried it himself.  And he could do it.  So much for my super cool trick.

3. I'm the best wife ever!

Or so I've been told.  He has no previous wife experiences to compare, but I'll take the compliment.  And not tell you that it was right after he noticed I had refilled the Kool-aid container less than 30 minute after he'd emptied it.

Believe it or not, I have doubters.  People who don't believe this to be true.  However a wise woman and a dear friend told me that other people's opinions of me are none of my business.  I love my husband and try to be a good wife and not complain to much when he doesn't put his plate in the sink much less the dish washer.

I think I deserve an extra crown in heaven or something, cause being the wife of a hemophiliac isn't easy.  There is the heart stopping fear hearing him cry "help" from the garage and seeing him round the corner with a bloody finger.  Its waking up in the middle of the night and he's still working on the house - only I imagine him laying in a puddle of his own blood.  Then there is the surprise "oh hey I cut my finger open when my knife closed on it a few hours ago.  I made a makeshift bandaid with a napkin and painters tape, but can you help me fix it up right?"

I tell you its not an easy job.  Then again I don't think anyone would claim that being a woman is...

4.  I set goals and acheive them.

So far there isn't a goal that I've set for myself this past year that I haven't acheived.  Either I'm super awesome or I'm not setting my goals high enough.  Since this is a post about my super awesomeness we'll go with that one.  Run a 5K?  check.  Lose 10 pounds?  check.  Run a half marathon? check. Pay off the 5.5 acres of land? check - and in record time.  Live in a farm house?  check, almost.  Get back to me in a month.

5. I'm a bargain shopper.

My splurge at the grocery store two weeks ago?  A 12 pack of Diet Dr. K - $1.99.  I found a pair of Nike weight lifting gloves for $2.18.  My wedding shoes were $5.  My bridesmaids dresses were $25 each.  My favorite store ever?  The Repeat Boutique consignment store, but I only shop there 2 days a year - the first Saturday of their 70% off Winter sale and the first Saturday of their 70% off summer sale.  I end up spending $2 on brand name tops and $5 on brand name pants.

(PS - That's this weekend and I hope to get some nice new pants to replace the ones that are droopy and need a belt.  I'll do a cool picture blog of my good deals if I find much.)

6. My niece adores me.

Normally when she sees me for the first time in a while, she runs up and jumps into my arms for a big squeezy hug.  She and her family (can you tell that's my sister in the background?) met me at the finish line of my half marathon.  I made sure my sister explained that I'd be tired and she couldn't jump on me.  Thankfully, I still got a hug.

What does her love have to do with me?  Cause she's an incredible little girl.  At 5, she already does chores around the house to earn extra money - just so she has money to give in the collection at church.  On top of her generosity, she's very smart.  She's already two reading levels above where she needs to be when she starts 1st grade next year.

All of that and she thinks her Aunt Boo is the best ever.  Somewhere along the way I had to do something right.  Sure she has a big heart and loves everyone.  But she loves me the best.

Like when we're playing school.  She's the teacher (of course) and she looks out among her students (her parents, my parents, Jay and myself) to decide who her helper is going to be.  It always goes like this:

"And for my helper, I'm going to pick..." [insert long dramatic pause] "Boo!"

Which always gets an eye roll from her mother and a sarcastic "Oh I'm so surprised."

So if a little girl who's that awesome thinks that I'm that awesome, I must be.

Now its your turn.  I don't care if you are a Shrinking Jeans sister or not.  You rock.  I have some pretty incredible readers out there.  As if I didn't already know, tells us why you are flipping amazing!


  1. You are amazing Brooke! You have accomplished some wonderful things and I'm very jealous of your bargain shopping. I'm looking for size 7 gold kitten heels for a wedding this summer. If you have any place for me to check out I would LOVE the tips! I love reading your blog and I wish I could say I've accomplished what you have. You do totally rock! :D

  2. You are amazing and your list is only the beginning!

  3. You are awesome, Brooke! Totally awesome!

    Also, it doesn't look like you had a hard time coming up with 5 great things about you! I think they're all great and TOTALLY TRUE!

    WOW on the bargain shopping. I'm super-impressed and can't wait to hear about all you fabulous finds this weekend!

  4. 5 Reasons I rock....
    1. I know who I am in Christ... biggest compliment ever given to me and the humbleness and undeserving person in me totally didn't believe them at first.
    2. I can sing...God has given me a talent to open my mouth and make something pretty come out.
    3. I am a great friend...need encouragement, a shoulder, a laught, I'm your girl.
    4. I am almost always smiling...not much gets me down and even if something does, chanced are you will not see it.
    5. My calves could kill a person...as said by Brooke. :)

  5. i SO LOVED this post of yours!! you do so totally rock! now, you just need to get rid of the "or not" at the top of this post, hooker! and no, those goals were all difficult to achieve, i remember talking to you at the beginning of them and they were lofty at the time! so you rock for not only achieving them, but for looking back and seeing them as quite possibly not big enough! early 2009 brooke would NOT have said those were too easy! XO

  6. Great list! You were so rocking, you came up with 6 things! lol.....Love the Repeat Boutique!

  7. You DO rock. Those are all wonderful things and there are many many many more that could be added to the list.

  8. Brooke, I think you rock for just being you- kind hearted, generous with praise and encouragement, tender.

    Plus, you kick bootie with that rock hard body of yours!!!!

  9. Wow! You even came up with an extra. Great job! You ARE awesome and you DO rock. :)

  10. You do rock! And I can't wait to have rock hard abs soon. It might be next year but I'll get there.

  11. You do a great job at making people feel good about themselves! You've definitely boosted my confidence a few times! THANK YOU!

  12. I'm glad you did this. We need to be reminded that we are so totally rock. I love the pic of you and your niece.

  13. You ROCK!! great list & I also think YOu ROCK b/c you almost always comment onmy blog :)

  14. I would LOVE to go shopping with you sometime!! I am a third-degree blackbelt in bargain finding!

  15. Brooke, I already knew you rock, but this doubly confirmed it for me. You are incredible!

  16. Well, I am definitely NOT a shrinking jeans sister : ) but I LOVE your picture in that yoga pose. How cool is that? And I love that you love your niece and you are awesome in her eyes. LOVE that you complete all your goals too. You really are cool : ) My sister is naming her new baby girl Brooke. Do you like your name?

  17. YOU ARE AWESOME!! No doubt about it!! I love how your neice thinks you are the best....and everyone knows that 5 year olds "know EVERYTHING!!"
    Wow!! What a great shopper you are!
    You are a great encourager, too!!

  18. You do rock, Brooke! You totally rock and you should tell yourself that more often.

  19. You do rock!!! You are an inspiration to me as well as others.

  20. I think my husband would love for you to school me in the bargain hunting department :P Seriously, you ROCK for being YOU.

  21. Wow, you really DO sound amazing! The fact that your niece adores you so much is so incredibly awesome! And, seriously, it sounds like you have some mad-crazy money saving skills. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)
    PS - "Mad-crazy" is a really good thing... my brother and I use that term a lot and it throws people off sometimes... but it's good, I promise! It's like saying something is "dope," but you're negating the drug reference lol

  22. I love it! I can totally appreciate the crown you deserve being married to a hemophiliac - I treat them, but cannot imagine the fear I would carry around is it was my family member.

    Love the bargain shopping too... I LOVE bargains - Just today I got my regularly priced $4.25 cereal for $1.50 a box! Crazy.

    You are such a wonderful person!

  23. You totally rock and I'm glad you recognize that about yourself! How funny that Jay could do the yoga pose too...not many men are that flexible! I'm impressed!

    You have to tell me how your sister gets her 5-year old to do chores!! I can barely get my 5-year olds to flush the toilet after they go pee!

  24. you DO totally rock. and that is totally one of my favorite yoga poses, combined with shoulder stand. (in a series). LOVE it.


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