January 25, 2010

Monday Musings

~I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Mine was fantabulous - I got about 8 new pair of pants plus a super cool wrap dress and a wool skirt all for under $75!  I'm going to have Jay take pictures of me modeling my "loot" and devote an entire blog to it later in the week.

~The kitchen/den/mud room have all been painted "cheerful hue" aka yellow - and they look wonderful!!!  Jay is going to be putting the finishing touches on the paint work this week.  Its starting to get real - this is totally happening for us!  I'm going to wait until the furniture is moved in and everything before the big reveal with before and after photos. 

This is the most positive/least stressed I've been about the house since closing.  I really do have a fabulous husband who is busting his rear at the house, and also taking care of his real job.  He knows that I'm stress about money just as much as I'm stressed about getting into the house.  One thing I need a constant reminder of though - I'm too blessed to be stressed!!

~While we're on the subject of Mantras - I came up with a new one over at the Sisterhood on Friday.  Its been floating around in my head but I just pieced it together and made it catchy.  I can.  I have.  I will.

~I'm going to need that mantra, because I've been given the go ahead to run the Disney Marathon next year.  The full 26.2 miles!!!  Christie O and Karena have both committed and while we'll be virtually training together, we'll be physically racing together!  We are all at different paces, but I hope to meet up with them before or after the race.  Having them on board will also help me stay motived.

This marathon really is perfect for me because the training plan will have me ready to re-run the Oak Ridge half marathon again in November on my way to the full marathon in January.  That way I'll only be in training 4 months for two races.  Much better than the 6 months for two races, had Disney been another time of year.

~Totally sad about the Vikings/Saints game last night.  I wanted so badly for him to be able to go out on a Super Bowl victory.  I would have even settled for his last game to be in a Super Bowl.  They are saying that he knew going into the game last night his decision for the future...I'm hoping he'll be back at it again next year but I don't think its looking good.

~I missed our first marathon training walk for the Mountain Man March coming up in April.  My running buddy said that the 10 miler was okay, so I shouldn't have any problem picking up the next training walk of 12 miles.  The big challenge will be carving out 3 hours to meet up and walk it.

~I've got another true confessions post brewing in my head that doesn't involve bullet points, however this one is far more up beat than last weeks.  I think I've broken through my funk.  At least until I have to step on the scales.

So how was your weekend??



  2. I love love love bargain shopping :-)

  3. Congrats on all the bargain shopping! I'm excited to hear about your marathon training, I'm going to be in Florida in December so there is no way I can go back in January to do the race. You guys will do AWESOME!

  4. Farve gave it his all last night. He played a classy game, and all Vikings/Farve fans should be proud of him.

    With that being said...BLACK AND GOLD SUPER BOWL!

  5. P.S. I may have to convince my running partner to do the Disney marathon. When is it? She LOOOVVVEESSS Disney.

  6. Love bargain shopping, can't wait to see pics! So glad you are feeling some of the joys of home ownership instead of just the pressures.

    And I love that mantra...i have one similar on my wall of motivation- "You can ...You have to...You Will!"

    Yeah for the marathon! Awesome!

  7. Can't wait to see pics of your new clothes and the new house. Your new mantra fits you perfectly. I'll be cheering you on virtually during your marathon training.

  8. i love favre and wanted him to have a good game...but not as much as i wanted a saints win! we wanted it ohh so badly!

    congrats again on the house stuff...its so exciting!!

  9. What a great shopping trip! And I can't wait to see the house!!!

  10. Yeah! You're outta the funk!

    Can't wait to see the post later on all your great finds. :)

  11. Congrats on the great bargains! I look forward to the pics! I think you're amazing for all that you do ~ from the workouts to the work on your house...& now a marathon! How exciting!! I look forward to reading your progress on that!

  12. Oooh, can't wait to see your new clothes!

    I'm signing up for 5Ks like crazy...YOU are inspiring me in this!


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