January 14, 2010

Random 17 and a Giveaway!

Jen sent me some bloggly love, so I thought I'd play along and let you know 17 things about me.

7 random factoids
  1. In case you aren't friends with me on facebook or twitter - I totally know the "Singing Cop" from American Idol last night.  More in a say hello in the grocery store kinda way than a bff kinda way. 
  2. Ricky Morton was my 2nd ever crush - and he kissed me.  Okay so he was my crush back in the early 80s.  Then I got to meet him/be in the same wrestling ring with him a few years ago.  He kissed me as part of the show.
  3. I just joined twitter this week, and now I'm addicted.  Jay just to work at night after dinner.  Now I sit on the couch, blanket in my lap, laptop on the blanket twittering away. 
  4. If your breathing is already bothering you, running outside in the 40 degree weather isn't the smartest thing you could do.  Even Especially when you have a race to run just a few days from that.  Breath problems lead to coughing, coughing leads to hacking, hacking leads to spiting up half your lung.  Did you know lungs are useful when running?
  5. I wear a size 9 narrow shoe.  Most ladies that wear a 9 don't have skinny feet, shoe shopping is difficult for me.
  6. Jay's grandfather was a POW during WWII.  Visiting Pawpaw always includes at least one war story.  He's also the reason we don't give to the Red Cross.  One of the stories he tells is about how just released as a POW, the Red Cross refused to give him a cup of coffee or food because he couldn't pay them for it.  Not sure if that was a fluke or if that's just how they rolled back then.  Not sure if that's how they roll now or not, but out of respect for him we comply.
  7. Giveaway time!!!  To win, just go through my old book reviews and leave a comment telling me which book you'd like to win if you won.  I'm doing the old fashioned name in the Darth Vader mug drawing - via vlog.  For an additional entry - guess what you think my race time will be.  Previous 5K times have been in the 33:59 - 35:16 range.  The person who guesses closest to actual time will get their name thrown in the mug an extra time.  You have a shot at 3 entries - and everyone can have 2.
Edited to add - the Giveaway closes at 1PM Eastern time Saturday aka the start of my race!!
10 things that make me happy
  1. Snuggles and huggles...
  2.  in front of the fireplace (my current home doesn't have one - but the new one we just purchase does!)
  3. My niece running up to me and jumping into my arms when she hasn't seen me in a while.
  4. My nephew saying "Boo".  (Their name for me.)  Doesn't happen often.  Okay so it only happened once but he's working on it.
  5. Soup in a breadbowl
  6. Sprinting at the end of a race and knowing I gave it my all
  7. My new SPI belt - thanks Christie for the suggestion - I ran with it for the first time yesterday.
  8. the "101 things I love about Brooke Middle Maiden Last" list my darling love gave me for Christmas - even if he only got to 50.  He promises the 51 to follow next Christmas.
  9. Bloggy/FB/Daily mile comments
  10. Settling in for bed and getting out my Bible to spend some time with my God who loves me more than I can imagine (why I don't do it more often is something else entirely...)


  1. What is your twitter name? I want to follow you :)

  2. I want to follow you on twitter too. I'm shepdogg_ut.

  3. I signed up for Twitter a lot of months ago and I have not done anything with it!! It would just be another addiction besides running that I have :-)

  4. i'm so glad you're on twitter, it was like the world was incomplete without you!! isn't the spi belt the best?? i love your 101 things list too, i think that would make my favorites list. and the comments. oh do they make me so so happy!

  5. What a sweet hubby to make you a list like that...

  6. I love posts like this!! It helps me know the person a little better and besides it keeps me from being a stalker!!

  7. Loving AI right now...it's always so good in the beginning with the good and the bad mixed in. Why do some people think they can sing? I don't get twitter...is it really all that?

    Thanks for playing!

  8. Soup in a bread bowl...yes!!!

    These are fun!

    I am still trying to get aboard the twitter train. I have one, and I like to read tweets, but I am always forgetting that I have it!

  9. i have not tried twitter yet. Maybe I need to look into it.

  10. Love, love, love Twitter! And so happy you're there now. :)

  11. Fun!

    Um, I don't have to look through your book reviews--I already know that I would want the Max Lucado book

    I predict your time will be 32:09

    I don't know if I will ever understand Twitter...is it really all that? I facebook like crazy, but no tweeting over here!

  12. I just can't get addicted to Twitter. I'm more a Facebook kinda gal.


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