January 11, 2010

Just another manic Monday

Ever had one of those days where you had so much to do you didn't wanna get out of bed?

Try a whole weekend of that!

Since we closed on the house I keep thinking about my growing to do list - which includes the following:

  • Keeping up with cleaning/chores in our current home
  • Packing all our worldly possessions
  • Cleaning the new/old house
  • Moving all our worldly possessions
  • Picking out/purchasing kitchen appliances
  • Picking out/purchasing paint colors
  • Somehow making my existing furniture make the transition from modern home to country farm house.
So instead of getting busy this weekend, I spent the majority of the time in my pjs.  With my head covered with a blanket.  Maybe I was just tired - after all I did workout every day (3 days last week I did two-a-days).

Mostly, though, I was just overwhelmed. 

I guess I should give myself a little credit.  I did finally get all our charitible donation stuff documented and bagged up, but beyond that, sweeping, and throwing a frozen burritto in the oven I didn't do squat on Saturday.

The only exercise I did (and if it can be done in your jammies I'm not sure it counts as exercise) was my homework for the 100 pushups, 200 squats, 200 sit ups challenges.

As for Sunday, Jay insisted on sleeping in, and I was worried about the snow/ice on the road, so no church for us.  I did cook lunch, and make some extra rice for lunches this week, but then it was off to Jay's office.  While he was productive writing a couple of contracts, I played on the internet on a spare computer.  Then it was off to my parents for dinner and gluttony.

Obviously trying to take on the whole elephant didn't work for me, so now I have a new plan - one bite at a time.  I'm going to try to pack a box each night.  I'll have to start with the stuff we don't use often, since the house probably won't be move in ready until later in the month.  Then maybe by the time the long weekend gets here, I won't be so overwhelmed.

Other than "just do it", do you have any words of wisdom for an undertaking this big?


  1. Sounds like a good time for a moving sale! Haha, whatever you dont feel like packing just SELL IT! Hehe. Seriously though...I like the bite by bite method. And you are a fellow list maker if I remember right, and you know how great it feels to cross things off the list! Turn on some good music and get to packin! Good luck =)

  2. I like Misti's advise. When I have a chore I absolutely loathe, I turn up the music and go to town on it! Im excited for your move.....where in the area are you going? I live in English Hills out by New Center School. And I have a farmhouse!

    Good luck! Oh, where do you attend church? I go to Parkway Church of God (over by Belk)

  3. I would sell it too!!! I also make lists so I make small goals for myself so it does not feel as overwhelming :-)

  4. Baby steps will make it seem less overwhelming. Moving is a huge thing, but the only thing I can suggest is put the boxes in the room they will go in, so you don't have a few rooms just filled with boxes to sort thru.

    Deep breaths...it will get done!

  5. Yes. Today! That is good advice. I was told the same thing when we moved into our house - "one box at a time" is manageable.

  6. I think your plan is good. One box at a time. Take the less-used stuff and box it up first. It will definitely be less overwhelming. :)

  7. you've got to have a plan like one box/night. When I'm doing things I don't necessarily like I often will do 15 minute spurts between more enjoyable things. Or for the really lazy fast track...during commercial breaks of a favorite show. I work a LOT faster and more efficiently when I only have a couple of minutes!

  8. I'm like you -- just do a little bit at a time. Like, say you had 12 things to do. Be super excited when you get 3 things done, reward yourself after four (maybe a trip to Starbucks?), and then rinse and repeat. ;)

  9. What helps me when I have a huge undertaking is to make a written list of everything that has to be done. Then I cross the things off as I complete them. There's something about the visual seeing the list get smaller and smaller that makes it feel more manageable!

    Good luck!

  10. One day at at time. Do your best and forget the rest. You can do it. Need more?

  11. I posted on Facebook this evening, Is it Friday yet?


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