February 19, 2009

Bullet points & CVSing

A quick list of things I love, before I dive into CVSing!

• Mr. Right willing to save money and drive my Trust Toyota. (Come back tomorrow for a Frugal Friday explanation.)
• Mr. Right allowing me to drive his first love – his Jeep.
• That I’m enough of a woman to drive a manual Wrangler, jacked up on big mud tires, all the while wearing dress slacks and heels.
• Tatiana isn’t going any further on Idol.
• One night of meatloaf mixing (1 lb at a time in my stand mixer) has created 4 very easy meals!
• Mr. Right is making another attempt to quit dipping – he even gave me his credit card today so he couldn’t buy any more! (He’s a CC only guy – doesn’t carry cash.) Hopefully this will be the time that takes.
• I lost 1.5 pounds last week.

Typically I don’t blog about the CVS/Walgreens deals I get because there are plenty of other bloggers out there that do the job much better than me! I check out Money Saving Mom every Monday morning to get her list of deals, and just do the ones that work for me.

For the past couple of months I’ve been disappointed with CVS. I haven’t been able to find as many of the deals posted. I’m not sure if its my new CVS or that I’ve been too busy to stop early in the week before everything is picked over.

This week, I actually had a money-making deal! Thanks to Mercedes, I purchased two Neutrogena facial bar soaps at $2.99 each, and got $10 in Extra Care Bucks! Then I purchased the Colgate Total toothpaste for $2.99 less my $1 coupon and got $2.99 in ECBs! After tax this ended up being a $4.89 money maker!

I haven’t had that kind of success deal shopping at CVS in a long time. Its enough to get me motivated again.

For more Things I Love Thursday, head on over to the Diaper Diaries.


  1. Don't be so sure about Tatiana. There are 3 wildcard spots. I have a feeling they'll bring her back because people love to hate her!

  2. So funny that Tatiana has such a strong non-fan club. Did you notice no one went to hug her? She really is annoying. And Yeah for LOST! Love that show.

  3. Haha, I just did a bullet-list blog too! ;) Congrats on the weight loss!!! That's awesome!

  4. Not so sure about lost..I'm just lost!

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  5. Yay for the weight loss and no more dipping! And I have to agree with bullet point #5, no more Tatiana! Whew!

  6. If they bring Tatiana back, American Idol is dead to me.

  7. I will pray things go smoothly for Mr. Right.

  8. I've had problems getting the stuff that has good deals too. It seems like they only have so much and when they're out they're out. I keep hoping that they'll restock during the week.

  9. Hey girl, I had to comment about what you said on my blog. I think we might need you to give us some pointers! :) But no, that does NOT make you a freak, just somebody we can all take some pointers from. Feel free to share!

  10. I am not really happy right now with Walgreens. They took 3 hrs to fill two prescriptions the other day when we were all so sick. And we usually have popcorn when we have movie night but I was feeling to lazy to even pop it in the microwave. Next time for sure!

  11. Woohoo for your husband trying to give up dipping and for your weight loss!! WOOHOO!

  12. Please God let Tatiana be gone!! As for CVS, if I don't go on Sunday or Monday when the deals come out, everything is already out. They don't keep there stuff stocked very well.

  13. LOL.. I'm glad Tatiana went home, too!


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